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    • Nothing Grimm by Foxyre
    • First off why don't we start off with a little quote that's been swimming around in my head, I think if fits perfectly with what I've got from an interview I've just finished with someone I once know, fear, respect, and admire, ...
    • For My Father by ninja shogun
    • These are the words I wrote down the morning my dad went in to go get surgery for his cancer. I remember waking up and the reality of the idea that he may never come back hit me. Some of the words in this are exactly the sam ...
    • Untitled by Dom-Bug
    • A description of my anxiety of being alone with my boyfriends brother and wife while he goes to work.
    • Damsel by khafka
    • Micro-story, a small psychological thriller if you will. Hope you enjoy.
    • Light by Siku Yumi
    • I would like it if you could rate and comment on my work so that I can better improve! This is my first work and I will do more further on!
    • World of Darkness Chronicles by IsseiShikimoto
    • These are a collection of stories that I came up with after looking through White Wolf's New World of Darkness storytelling games. They all have a bit of, well, darkness to them, but my versions are probably lighter than the or ...
    • CP: Nohime by IsseiShikimoto
    • My profile for Nohime from Fool's Horizon. She was the 2nd character to pop in my head for this story, right after Nobunaga. I believe her personality and traits are a great match to Nobunaga's and some of the other characters; ...
    • After Life by Kin007
    • This is a poem from the perspective of a girl who recently killed herself, and she's witnessing the effect it leaves on her brother.
    • Heritage by Rosa la Luna
    • This is a poem I wrote a while back for a story that I wast writing. Please do not steal.
    • Queen Beryl Fanfiction by Skykiri
    • This is a fanfiction I made about Queen Beryl's last moment of life, written in her perspective. I always sympathized with Queen Beryl's history.
    • Laughable by Fae from Eden
    • Just a quick skit of condescending, passionate emotion towards those who think they know better - who dismiss and are insensitive to the reality of mental illness.
    • I cannot Suckerpunch by Fae from Eden
    • A poem I wrote a year ago. It speaks of my regret towards my morales and loyalties, which restrict me from being free, physically and mentally. It is a yearning to forget what is right and simply do what impulses do so dare me ...
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