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    • Veins by PiperDollie
    • I wrote this quick poem after having a breakthrough with my struggle with an eating disorder. I was finally learning to love myself. I used to think my veins were ugly and made me look old, but it was like one day I woke up, an ...
    • Vikktorya meets the Countess by Vikktorya
    • Thought it would be cool to write a bio for my Gaian avatar, I thought it would be short but it turned out a little longer then anticipated. I have already posted this on my profile but I thought it would be fun to share here a ...
    • Once Upon A Dream by Chieftain Twilight
    • this is my most recent poem. I wrote it at a Kingdom-level SCA event, which took place at a 4H Camp. I wrote it after staying up all night at Bardic. I have to say, listening to some of the Kingdom's best musicians and storytel ...
    • A Disquiet Mind by sHellav0n
    • I was feeling severely discontent by the state of the world we live in, and decided to vent the best way I know how (next to singing, I mean). So, here's that.
    • Fear & Loathing in VH by Raoul Gonzo Duke
    • This is my first attempt at writing a gonzo style article about Virtual Hollywood. Gonzo Journalism is a journalism style that is often subjective rather than objective. The writer usually writes it in first-person and the art ...
    • Alice's human sacrifice by II Derp Derp II
    • It is about a fate that fallen to the hand of these 5 alices (im trying testout so i think vocaloid alice human sacrifice could be a good story book)
    • Anger by Makoda-XXVI
    • This was inspired by an argument I had with my loved one. Having a bad day, getting mad at me. Their anger grew and grew, they were ready to snap and I knew it. A sweet warm loving hug shut that ugly emotion away. They calmed ...
    • **Home At Last** by He Who Brings The Night
    • "Home At Last" is a short fiction about death, Death itself and the afterlife. The story has some hidden meanings for those who possess a deep, imaginative and thoughtful mind. *** Just something that came from my dreams [or n ...
    • Apartment 405 by Suyuku-SAMA
    • A short story about a tenant living in an old apartment building when strange things happen that lead to discover something horrifying... This story may be graphic so please be advised when reading this, if you do not like gor ...
    • The Twisting of Blades by xXxXxburnt_rosexXxXx
    • gather around the covers and welcome to scary story night *ominous thunder and lightning* MUWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA! MUWHAHAHAHAHAAH!! MUWAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAA!!! (lol i made this for a scary story night)
    • Pinocchio by ippuda
    • I decide to pull this old poem from my dust covered shelves. I wrote it around the end of the 8th grade year. That might explain many of the errors. I revised it a tiny bit. I'm a junior now, so my writing skills have improved. ...
    • My Lost Love by o3o Duckies o3o
    • Parents banned me from the computer and I got bored.. My first poem, please control any hate you have x''3
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