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    • Forgiveness by HrtBrkr
    • A piece that was actually inspired from a cool night breeze blowing through my window. I get motivated from weird things I suppose...anyways enjoy.
    • One Day I'll Change The World by shanecobain
    • A song I wrote a few years ago...I couldn't put the full title in, but it's full name is "Maybe One Day I'll Write The Song That Will Change the World"
    • Sugary Goodness by Coco_Bunny23
    • A poem about my sweet tooth for cookies, this poem is also on All Poetry. I did not steal it...please comment and tell me what you think
    • Wingless Episode 1: Pondering by BlackHawkGS
    • Back in my Xanga days, I would create these theatrical-style written dialogues between the two figments of my imagination. They use to just be there for comic relief and such, but I'd also put in some interesting stuff... like ...
    • True by Talk_To_Trolls
    • I did this two years ago in the eighth grade, after I was completely heartbroken because of a boy. This was my first attempt at poetry EVER, and I believe it turned out better than I expected. I actually showed it to the guy af ...
    • Color Me by Retroactive N e r d
    • This is a poem i wrote over a year ago. I personally like it and just want to know if there is anything i can do to make it better.
    • Untitled Sonnet by iBrightScales
    • During the first semester of English I, our teacher told us to write a shakespearian sonnet. I'm submitting this for fun, & i'm hoping that it doesn't completely suck. Please comment with your honest thoughts XD
    • Little Suzy: a poem by Dental Damnation
    • So ya, I pretty much made it up as I went along. Love it? Hate it? Wanna take an axe to it and throw it off a cliff? I need your opinions!
    • Heart Felt Sharpie Incident by SiiMPLy - K i w i
    • I wrote this a little while back, it's a romance story, which is normal for me usually hahaha~ anyways. But I wrote this cause I was bored in my class after I had finished my final, the name was offered to me by my literature t ...
    • So Many Times by marluxiasflower
    • this is a song i just came up with at the top of my head. it's about a girl who has loved enough to basically not care what happens to her. then she becomes kinda numb to the feeling. i hope you like it
    • No Surprises by Doctor D o l l
    • Romance, futuristic, science fiction and some literature aspects (kind of existentialist) are all shown in this short story, No Surprises. It's a love story that's never fully uncovered hidden behind something bigger within hum ...
    • Naruto Fanfiction by I n f a t u a t ii o n
    • So this is a little fanfiction of Naruto featuring my character, Manami Shikai Nara. This is when Naruto returns from his training with the pervertive Toad Sage. My character is in my journal. Enjoy and tips, help, and writing ...
    • A child's paradise by Zoey_04
    • I had to read a poem for a poetry reading and I thought about how some children have terrible lives, so I came up with this poem about children finding a safe place to stay. Hope you all enjoy this.
    • Words of Description by xxxemocuriexxx
    • Well, it's quite obvious what it's about. I have just lost my first love, but I'm getting over him and trying to see if this fits what i feel about another guy. And it just so happens that it does.^ ^
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