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    • The Dummy by mcsteezy
    • i wrote this a while ago...anyone on myspace can find my poetry blogs... my myspace is myspace.com/ilcadutoun
    • CandyLand by NMetalFox
    • I wrote this song and it will appear on my band's CD once everything is put together. May be censored at parts depending on your account preferences, as it is mildy explicit. A bizzare twist on the popular childrens' board ga ...
    • Swords of Souls (Prologue) by Johnny B Badddd
    • Swords of Souls, Swords of Almighty (aka. The Cursed Swords) is a fantasy fictional ongoing story. It is my first story! It is about two swords made of bad or good souls, and three men seeking them... Here is the Prologue, chap ...
    • Zelda Twilight Princess Fanfic by ganonthesage
    • This is the first 6 parts of the story I have written so far. I am getting back to working on it, so let me know what you think! This all takes place after the events in Twilight Princess
    • Stab by singingstar991
    • i had a bad experience with a guy that was toying with me. this is how i got my feelings out. its a bit... emo-ish(?)... but i hope you like it.
    • The Gunner Knight, Part One by N-finiteFangirl
    • This is a fic that I started on my LJ this past winter, but I realized that it wouldn't hurt to post it here on Gaia, since there are plenty of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fans here. Also, I think many of you would agree w ...
    • Icy mountain preview by Sinful Moon
    • A story about people living in a cold harsh conditions and other things to come. Stories not finished so thats all your getting.
    • Angel or Devil? by Rei-Morgaine
    • I wrote this the other day, just out of boredom and I really liked it. Please, tell me what you think, and if you don't like it, don't be rude about it.
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