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    • A Poem of my life by Killing Pie
    • ya plz dont spam or any thing. my insperation was that my life sucks sooooo muck that i wrote a poem about it
    • Your Savior by Aubrey204
    • I wrote this for a friend of mine when she was going through a hard time. I felt like she needed an angel to sweep her off her feet, so, basically, this is from the mouth of the angel that swept her off her feet. If you happe ...
    • ******** ******** by CocoNutRose
    • I was very angry when I wrote this, angry at the world, stressed out, and just wanting to kill everything and leave the world behind me. Wanting everything in it's path to just leave me alone.
    • It's a Two-Way by Pyro Kaerf
    • I originally wrote this for an english project in the first semester. My teacher had recommended it for "Prosepectives", a literary magazine that my school publishes. I really like this piece because it gives insight into my fa ...
    • Topher by Topher37
    • this is short story that starts off as the first page being in paragraph form ,but the rest is all poetry. this is my first attempt at writing in this style so please give me comments and suggestions.
    • Balance Rock by Aeolian Wisp
    • This is a poem I wrote when I was told my school was going to be closed, it may seem strange but my school isn't like most places, me and the other students love it there, and all of us were sad to see it go.
    • Cold by CocoNutRose
    • During a class last year in high school, someone called me cold hearted, so I wrote them this poem telling them just how I felt.
    • Sonic: Brink of Insanity p-1 by DoomishPieGuy
    • This was a story i submitted to my DA page about a year ago this is my Sonic: Brink of Insanity's first chapter. The sequel is currently being made and the rest i will put on here for others to enjoy if it gets asked for. COMM ...
    • Untitled by LunaSola
    • This is a poem I wrote when I was mad at... Someone. I would appreciate comments, but no "OMGTHISSUXKTHNKSBY" Or something similar. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed it! ♥
    • Seemed A Bit Funny by Pwale
    • The gripping and informative "true story" about some mountains, somewhere, who were feeling a bit blue. A bit down. Glum, downcast and woebegone. Some folks may even go so far as to say inconsolable. You'll be on the edge of yo ...
    • A Simple Mistake by B u t t e r f l y D r o p
    • This is the ending to my story "A Simple Mistake", so far no begining. If you want to know what its about PM me (Im too lazy to write it all out here ^.^;; ). Anyway this is part of the ending. When I finish writing the actual ...
    • My Little Marionette by Kira Shinimora
    • My name is Ari Neko on an RP site called Kyoko. There, I usually write poems for fun. This one is something I wrote awhile ago and still hold in high regard. It's kind of like a lyric to a song, but I believe that lyrics are ju ...
    • New Life-- by irkengir
    • something i wrote out of a fit of boredom if it sux, plz b nice about it im only trying to get some of my ideas out there... its only a start, so yea i just want to know wat ppl think, if u like it tell me and ill write mor ...
    • Waiting by Dragon student
    • I wrote this back in 11th grade while killing some time between classes and obsessed with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicle books.
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