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    • I'm sorry mummy. by ngr lol
    • I've never had first-hand experience of this, however I have got a very close friend who has been through such ordeals. Would love critique. Expect more. DeviantArt: www.inaudibledream.deviantart.com
    • Please Listen by AshtonTSC
    • I wrote this poem when I was only 10 years old. My dad was on a tour to Iraq with the Army at this time, and an email he sent my mom inspired me to wirte this. This email showed a lot of bad thing that had happened in I raq at ...
    • Eye to Eye by Trizabella
    • Sometimes people don't seem to understand not everyone thinks the same way. It's not fair to destroy what people see, and force them to your views. People are entitled to their opinions, and have the right to see things their way.
    • Revenge by Demonic Wolf Shamen
    • i got the idea for this poem by listening to Hallowed Be Thy Name-Cradle of Filth. just the sound of it gave a story to tell, and well i made one up. now this is a narrative poem, not so much a story, but it tells one. please c ...
    • Sea of Lies by Lady Seinu
    • I wrote this one a while ago when I was with my ex... For those who read the poem and don't quite understand the message behind it, it's basically expressing how much I felt the relationship wasn't going anywhere. And it didn' ...
    • A Man Representing Men by Lumiere Cachee
    • This is a poem I wrote a while ago, just randomly one day because. Then I submitted it into a poetry contest through my school, and you wanna know the coolest thing about that? This poem. My poem. Was one of the ones selected t ...
    • This Is Our Anthem by scream aim fire
    • Agh. It still needs a lot of work. But I'm happy with how it's turning out so far. Hopefully I'll have a drummer by the end of the summer so I can get this recorded. : )
    • S.H.A.P by DCsCyborgSuperman
    • It was a fantasy story i wrote for english class its funny and based off of comic book heroes hope ya like
    • Passion by Icka The Fox
    • This was inspired by a group conversation we had at my internship. They asked us about our passion...and some of the answers were very interesting. Judge fairly! By the way, I often have issues in my poetry with having a common ...
    • Day after day by HeatherHazard
    • This is a poem I wrote a couple if months ago. It describes how I used to feel. I just got emo && wrote it. Tell me what you think of it. If you think I need some pointers give them to me. Constructive critisim is good for me & ...
    • Fabrication Myth by Toastbusters
    • I wrote this for the obligatory Writer's Craft "Find an eternally retold myth, retell it, rewrite it" and I suppose I got a little carried away. Really, it's freakin' great. Man, I'm a great writer, you guys. Oh my god, you gu ...
    • Long Title by ysms2
    • Full title: Inspirational Vengeance or All Good Things Fall from the Sky and Crash Ironically and Especially Violently A little something I whipped up several months ago and am now submitting, because I like gold. @w@
    • Under the Moon by Managodess
    • This is a story that started as a rather random inspiration from the game Sacred... only the character classes are based from the game though really, and was then written down. I never thought it would turn into a story that I ...
    • Fate by fate_eternal5
    • Ha ha. I just realized that the title matches my username. the poem doesn't though. Whatever. Please enjoy.
    • Locked Out by Sweet Creamz
    • i had 2 write a story for class and i thought it was pretty good so y not post so i can see how good it really is.
    • Our Love by Magooalou
    • This is a poem I wrote in fourth grade, but has since been edited....quite a bit. Anyways, I hope you like it..... Please rate fairly. Also, If your going to just bash it, please keep those comments to yourself.
    • prayer by missing_angels
    • this is a random poem i wrote one day to make a friend feel better. i like it, but it's kinda corny *sweat* i had it posted in my journal in my old account for a while. yes, i'm a christian, but dont judge me by that. just rate ...
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