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    • The Color of Love by TemariSan93
    • this is a song that i created! it started out as a poem but then i extended it into a song! this song is about how love can be!
    • Fighting For Life by Black_Raven_Hearts
    • I know its only a short poem, But I was really upset and just started to write this one day when I was lost in my own thoughts....dont judge me because you think its something else when its completely not...
    • All My Loving by Toastbusters
    • Lighthouse poetry once again; The source obviously comes from the Beatle's All My Loving. A little background info: My girlfriend of eighteen months and I have only been together four times; it's a chronic issue with the whole ...
    • Through the speaking glass by everroyal
    • An admittedly short work I came up with on a whim a while ago. The inspiration for this has several interpretations, though it seems a bit more obvious then I intended when writing it. Oh well, Long days and pleasant night to y ...
    • Marshmallow by Koneko Midoria
    • xD This was a project in class, I came up with it randomly. Yes it sounds a bit morbid but we were supposed to make a poem that no one could figure out what it was. Mine was roasting marshmallows, you know... like around a ...
    • The Past Should Stay Forgotten by Katana-crazy
    • This was originally chapters 3 and 4 of one of my stories in progress but I did some editing to it and used it for my final project in Creative writing class. It's not as detailed as it could be, but I was working with a deadl ...
    • Reflectionsfrom Sgt. Ted Smout by knight_of_chivalry
    • I know the title is squished, I apologize. I like long titles. But newho. As the title suggests this is written as though from the perspective of Sgt. Ted Smout, one of the men who witnessed the death of the infamous Red Baron. ...
    • Corruption and a Child by Letishia
    • I wrote this poem in about 15 minutes in green ink. I started this with the idea that the little things people neglect to do will eventually destroy us; somehow the pen translated it into a rant on greed and cultural corruption ...
    • (((((Read the description))))) by HolyDemonAndy
    • This is a sequel to pudgypudge's Naruto fanfiction: Broken Hearts, Shattered Dreams. I've already asked him and he said it was alright. Only __18+__YEARS__OLD__ should be reading this, seeing as SOME of the content. I HOPE Y ...
    • Insanity by Lutzifer23
    • one of the first things i wrote please to hack it to peices with rude comments constructive critizism is all id like to accept if its gonna be a negative comment that is possitive is always accepted =)
    • Stitches by Animalfreakie911
    • I wrote this when I was broken hearted about someone. I've always loved this poem though ^^
    • Bestial by b4k4-san
    • I'm more of a fanfiction guy than a poet, but every once in a while I come up with a poem-ish idea that I want to follow through. I came up with this one during class one day.
    • Where Has All The Music Gone by hospitalflowers
    • Okay, so, this is a poem I wrote a while ago. It's a personal favorite of mine. Yay! Lol. Well, tell me what you think of this? For the most part I was just working with appearance and form with this one. --Updated October 17- ...
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