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    • Locked Out by Sweet Creamz
    • i had 2 write a story for class and i thought it was pretty good so y not post so i can see how good it really is.
    • Our Love by Magooalou
    • This is a poem I wrote in fourth grade, but has since been edited....quite a bit. Anyways, I hope you like it..... Please rate fairly. Also, If your going to just bash it, please keep those comments to yourself.
    • prayer by missing_angels
    • this is a random poem i wrote one day to make a friend feel better. i like it, but it's kinda corny *sweat* i had it posted in my journal in my old account for a while. yes, i'm a christian, but dont judge me by that. just rate ...
    • Sold by amarantineyes
    • This is a poem that was inspired by a classified ad and is written in the voice of the piano that was sold.
    • Something Lost by Amienn
    • Since my other poem got some positive response I figured I'd be posting this one too. I hope you can read the feeling here.
    • The River of Words by TheLithuanianAceofSpades
    • This is one of my poems I have written over the past 7 or so months, I'll probably submit others I have written, but I decided to start with this one. The full title is "The River of Words and Why I must Write Them", but it wou ...
    • Currently Untitled by Icka The Fox
    • This is the beginning of a short story I'm writing. Well...it's meant to be a short story, but it might end up longer. I'll try my best with the spacing, but I'm not sure how it'll work. Rate fairly, please!
    • If a Tree Falls... by Astaire
    • I mostly write in free verse, so this piece doesn't have a set meter or rhyme scheme. The title is supposed to be reminiscent of the age-old question, "If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear, does it make a ...
    • Where it hurts the most by Babiedoll56
    • This poem is what is the end of life but no it a new beginning. This poem is the feel for most kids that are going to lose or already lost a love one or more the one. I am losing my grandfather but I feel like I have know him f ...
    • November Tells by E n j o ii
    • It's a short story I wrote soon after my brother, David, died from cancer in November. It's not the best story with the greatest grammar, but I put a lot of soul and heart into this little piece.
    • Dying to Live by MacAnimeGirl
    • This is the second poem in the part poem-story I have. The first is Living to Die. The second poem was actually inspired when Gaia did the Vampire Takeover. I had been trying to get people to bite me till I became a Vampire.
    • Forever, My Guardian Angel by DecafKitten
    • Dedicated to a man named Larry He was a angel to me taking care of my family while my dad was in Iraq One thing you should know about Larry is he was in an accident in 1988 and the doctors gave him 2 months to live Many year ...
    • Living to Die by MacAnimeGirl
    • This is the first in a two part poem I wrote. The second Poem was the first one done, and this one was born afterward to help show their meeting.
    • Who Will by shadowofmyself
    • I've always struggled with wondering if there's a guy who will love me. One night I had two of my good friends over, one is my best guyfriend who I really like. I stayed up all night, thinking about him. He has a girlfriend and ...
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