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    • Revenge of the Proudmoore's by Taitoca
    • Hi! This is the first chapter to my story, Revenge of the Proudmoore's. Please excuse the naming, as I realize that all of the area names, and some of the character's last names were taken from there. This story follows a yo ...
    • Those Words by Emo_CuppyCakerz
    • Just a little poem type thing I wrote one day. I put it on meh profile too. It was alittle different so I decided to change some of it. Yeah ^^; Soo..I hope you like it? ^.^
    • The Pack of Wolves by SomeAnotherDay
    • In english class we were told to write a poem about bullying from the third-person point of veiw, writing about both sides, with a metaphor, had to be in stanzas with at least one couplet. Also had to be a metaphor (Our teache ...
    • What Makes Life Interesting by France Hopper
    • This was done earlier on in the year and while I strongly believe it it one of the best pieces I've ever written, I'll admit there is room to improve. But isn't there room to improve everything? Enjoy it, and I welcome all fee ...
    • While I'm Awake by Kokamaru Kika
    • I know most guys aren't poets but this is a song. So here goes nothing.Hey I'm a poet and didn't know it, I can make a rhyme any time.........
    • Cursed!! by Candy_fanatick_SAM101
    • I realy wanted to write a horror poem about about ghosts. But as I started writting it it kinda turned out to be sorta of silly in a way and I actually liked it so I kept it.
    • Good To Evil by Retroactive N e r d
    • I wrote this over a year ago for a school project. Of corse i got a note from my teacher telling me that i can talk to her if i ever need to. Pft. i dont have "issuses" anyways its kinda morbid but i based it off of this picture
    • Forgiveness by HrtBrkr
    • A piece that was actually inspired from a cool night breeze blowing through my window. I get motivated from weird things I suppose...anyways enjoy.
    • One Day I'll Change The World by shanecobain
    • A song I wrote a few years ago...I couldn't put the full title in, but it's full name is "Maybe One Day I'll Write The Song That Will Change the World"
    • Sugary Goodness by Coco_Bunny23
    • A poem about my sweet tooth for cookies, this poem is also on All Poetry. I did not steal it...please comment and tell me what you think
    • Wingless Episode 1: Pondering by BlackHawkGS
    • Back in my Xanga days, I would create these theatrical-style written dialogues between the two figments of my imagination. They use to just be there for comic relief and such, but I'd also put in some interesting stuff... like ...
    • True by Talk_To_Trolls
    • I did this two years ago in the eighth grade, after I was completely heartbroken because of a boy. This was my first attempt at poetry EVER, and I believe it turned out better than I expected. I actually showed it to the guy af ...
    • Color Me by Retroactive N e r d
    • This is a poem i wrote over a year ago. I personally like it and just want to know if there is anything i can do to make it better.
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