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    • The Beginning of the End by DK The Medic
    • This a part of my story that I am currently working on. I only put in a chapter because I think this chapter needs the most attention.... I think that it could be redone different.
    • Dusk and Dawn by Silver Nephilim
    • The Moon and the Sun have a conversation. Sun is in red and Moon is in purple so you can tell who's talking.
    • Ode to Grandpa by ifeoma
    • An ode to my dead grandpa. i used the word innocent because that was his name
    • Little Molly by cheapjokes n such
    • This is one of my stories from another account I have on a different website. It's about a girl's life and this is just about her birth and her grandmother. I hope it is good enough for GaiaOnline. You can tell what I need to i ...
    • I Didn't by Crowcon132
    • This is a story I wrote when I was feeling down in the dumps...it only made me feel worse...oh well! Hope you enjoy!...Or not. :/
    • friend or foe by XxBleeding_Princessx X
    • my bff devon his mom die. his littie sis da shot her ran to in frunt of my house and killed himself and now i am lonly so i wote this i felt like i cud not help him even tho i lost my da please to coment
    • Haunting Memory by Eenamai1632
    • .....Just something I wrote.............. If you think I should make this a story, PM me and I'll start working on it. :3
    • Love by lil4fingers
    • I wrote this poem a while back and still feel the meaning is true. P.S: bequeath means to give or given
    • Place in the Sun by Daniella_35
    • This is a song i wrote when i was in my last year in Middle School and i thought it was really good and i think u will to! thnx!!
    • Heartbroken by Xx_iNatRal_Xpressionz_xX
    • This is a poem that I wrote a few years ago. When me and my first boyfriend broke up. Its nothing special but it was one of the first major poems I wrote. And I don't necessarily feel the same way now I'm much better.
    • In The Dark by Usogee- chan
    • i just felt like submitting something and this seemed like that thing to do... off the top of my head... yet it has been in my head for so long...
    • Fields of Gold by Anima Lux
    • I wrote this (very) short story about six years ago. Originally, it was a songfic but I've altered it some by taking the song out of it and changing a few things here and there. Keep in mind the song "Fields of Gold" by Sting, ...
    • 1 conversation by Emori-Chan
    • I wrote this poem when I was in 6th grade. I had this silly crush on a boy. looking back it was kinda dumb but this is the poem I wrote to describe how I felt.
    • Tears of joy by Demon roman
    • I worte this for someone i love and to let her know how much i miss her through out the day!!
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