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    • Check Mate by Veria Alsmont
    • This is a poem I made after reading a short story about a game of chess. I know it's short, but I hope you enjoy it^_^
    • Confusion Between Emotions by amiejhan
    • I wrote this poem for a poetry contest. I went up to the finalists, but am not sure about the winner... YET! Wish me luck ^_^ Rate as you please.
    • Evil Poem by Generic Individual
    • A pure description of what an author can do to you while you read a poem. It's a trip through your imagination.
    • Burns by Bianca Hernandez by Angel In The Rain
    • I was inspired to write this poem from the book Night by Elie Wiesel. I love writing poems, especially those that are deep and somewhat dark in nature, and I hope you enjoy what I have written.
    • Salvage From the Wreckage by nomvegannom
    • This is a story of a high school senior Abby. After her boyfriend, and the only reason to live for, dies in a sudden accident she has to pick up the shattered pieces of her heart.
    • Taking Flight by Mist tenshi
    • This was originally a song, but I've morphed it back to a poem being that it's stayed just tuneless lyrics. I wrote this during a very rough time in my life. School sucked and my grandfather was dying of cancer and I was basica ...
    • introduction Va-story by magikhawk
    • a vampire story... just the intro, if you want more youll have to say so in the comments, let me know, more, or no. it'll show in your rankings!
    • Jump by snapcracklepopz
    • this was a class assignment from my american lit class. we had to write a poem based off of a picture of our choosing. i picked one of my favorite pictures 'Run Free' by the lovely Lara Jade. interpret as you wish, but i was ai ...
    • Life by Emori-Chan
    • I wrote this after one life changing night at my friend, Elizabeth's House. She had been going through a really hard time, & and started abusing herself with, sharp objects. On the night she almost killed herself, I was there. ...
    • I'll Get Up Again by amiejhan
    • I wasn't thinking much while I was writing this. Actually, I didn't think at all. I pretty much doodled it down. Especially the chorus, it's quick, simple and quite stupid. Rate as you like.
    • Tombstone by Ryan Russell
    • This is a piece I wrote in my Freshman year. I guess I was of a more contemplative mood at the time. Anyways, I thought you might enjoy this and I know that many people relate to the emotions presented.
    • Untitled Poem by I Chrys I
    • This is a poem I wrote a few months back for the memorial service that was held for my stepdad. My mother wanted me to say something about him so I wrote a poem. When I finished reading it, I looked up the see everyone in the r ...
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