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    • Vermillion by kadodge14
    • this isnt one of my songs its by slipknot but i like the lyrics so i wrote them down XD
    • Untitled Poem by Mama Cockroach
    • I think this is the best thing I have ever written,and I left things out on purpose, becasue I wanted you to feel the emotion of the speaker,and not focus on what the character's physical traits are. Anyways I'd love for you t ...
    • 1/2 Passed 2 by JoshMan101
    • I wrote it for this girl in the summer of '07, I think it was like 3 in the morning. I still don't really like it, but other people do. I'm wondering what you guys think.
    • Inside of you, violating by KoinuSephiroth
    • This is a Yami No Matsuei poem I wrote a while ago. It's in Muraki's point of view. It's kinda special, and pg13-ish. Not like what I normally write, I suppose, but I hope you like it! (Disclaimer: I do not own Yami no Matsu ...
    • Death by Tibix
    • elo if you dont know i am an awsome fan of writing poetry and not all poems have to ryme just so you know mine dont realy mine sorta tell a story in a poetic way so please enjoy this
    • I Miss You by Ightagetur
    • I Miss You is written for every lover in the world that can't be with each other even though they are in love.
    • Shattered Heart by Icy_Cool_Archer
    • I lived a life with my parents being divorced and I notice that all the people i know, seem to go away.I could not ever think how horrible it was to ever lose both of them, but i coped with it.Hope you like it..
    • Closer by sexy_cat410
    • This story is about me making a mistake by cheating on a girl and she left and she said she would'nt leave no matter what but she did and I found someone better than her this girl said she will never leave and i cheated on her ...
    • I Dream by Ightagetur
    • An excerpt from something I wrote a long a** time ago that may or may not be re-written again.
    • 5 finger discount by Dragonok
    • a poem i wrote about my girlfriend, 5 finger discounts=stealing for those of you who dont know(yeah i know some of you dont)
    • The Impatien learner by dove_hart
    • Have you ever heard of Geofery Chaucer? Each line has 10 sylables and every two lines rhyme. I thought I'd make my own story like this. (not every line has exactly 10 but it's close) Two bears, one is young and headstrong, an ...
    • Why Is All I Ask by MakaelaDylan
    • This is a song I made up. It's just about a girl who fell in love with the perfect boy and she's basically at a loss for words when she's around him because he's amazing but he doesn't pay much attention to her. I'm sorry if it ...
    • Mamaho High:Hisako by Aiko-sempai
    • I began writing this maybe 3 months ago, and I finally finished it! Huzzah!!! Please vote fairly and leave me constructive criticism.
    • Mon reve, ma realite, moi-meme by Angel1692
    • This is a poem i originally wrote in french but i soon realized alot of people dont speak french.... so the top one is the french version (i like it better) ohh and sorry theres no accents i dont have that the second one is ...
    • Sword by Xxgodess_of_thunderxX
    • this is a concrete poem i wrote one day when i was sword fighting out in the woods with a few friends. i hope you enjoy it :), i got 100 on it for a school paper..
    • Fallen Hero by The Laurasaur
    • This poem is for all of the Heros who fell in battle. From WWI to Iraq. We will always remember and love you. (note: This is a point of veiw poem. My father is still alive and well. So please, no questions. ) This ...
    • The Retribution by burningassassin101-
    • This is a story i wrote about a 20 year old boy who lost his whole family and his loved one.They were killed my a gang on thugs called "Hells obedience." Now it is his goal to kill every last one of them.
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