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    • Sea Voyage. by iFaiji
    • eeeeeeeeh, idk something that came to me one day looking outside.
    • On a crystal beach by stolenmailbox
    • A small haiku about kicking through gravel in a shipyard one day when I found a huge chunk of rose quartz. In theory it's suposed to open your heart and make you more receptive to love. I couldn't notice a difference though.
    • A New Enchantment by victoria112233
    • A youth completely knew the reason for Romeo and Juliet's passing, but she was not her and her boy was not him. Her relationship could not compare to them. If only parents understood that . . .
    • CP: Hideyoshi Hashiba by IsseiShikimoto
    • My version of Hideyoshi for Fool's Horizon. He was easy enough to come up with since he had to be a "partner in crime" of sorts to Nobunaga. Plus, he's perfect as the reliable best friend type character; except in some ways he ...
    • My Life, Up Till Now by xMsPanda
    • This is a very depressing article. I wrote it, because I plan on making a YouTube video explaining what I went through and to try to help others that are struggling with depression and anxiety. Please comment and feel free to P ...
    • 6.26.15 by apollo-faye
    • trigger warning? (self harm mention kinda). eh idk one of my better pieces in my opinion. it's kind of all over the place but I wrote it with deep emotion and it applies to a certain situation i was in. the last line translates ...
    • Rise Up by Foxyre
    • To see his face is like the warm embrace of a hug from those dear. To speak with him is Nothing Serious, but, you know he has respect for you and those alike. Nothing to Lose because you know your safe. But Nothing is Perfec ...
    • The Moon Who Talks to the Fool by Pharaoh Misa
    • An envious trickster separates the Moon and her beloved, Kuekuatsu. Doomed to an eternal mortal life, Kuekuatsu sings to her each night, in hopes that she at least responds. Based on the Bruno Mars' song "Talking to the Moon" a ...
    • His Mistake by Jasper Lyall
    • Into the mind of a haunted criminal. Rating: General Word Count: 497 Fandom: Big Hero 6 Characters: Robert Callaghan, Tadashi Hamada Couple(s): Calladashi
    • Between my hand and the sky by Amafumi
    • Hellu! I love chocolates so if you have givemee!!! Hehehe Kidding~ Actually this is my first poem, so I wonder how do you guys find it? OwO) Please comment below~~~<3
    • Windows to the Soul by Dom-Bug
    • A poem I wrote a while back. The prompt was to use the words, "Soap", "Purple", and "Watershed". Please Rate and comment your thoughts! :D thank you!
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