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    • Butters X Reader - Hello Kitty by Addy Is Hella Awesome
    • (Taken from my DeviantART account, World-Detective-L) Your best friend Leopold 'Butters' Stotch has invited you over to his house! What'll happen while you're there? Butters/South Park belongs to Matt Stone and Trey Parker St ...
    • The Artist's Hand by Killumika
    • this is what I wrote a while back in high school. we had to write about what makes our hands unique to each others in English class. i know this doesn't have anything to do with non-fiction but i just had no idea where to put i ...
    • Godzilla: The Third Encounter by Kidan Dragneel
    • We thought it would be the last we've seen of them, We thought we would be able to recover, but then we discovered that this might as well be the end of the world. (This is the Third entry in my Godzilla Encounter story, enjoy)
    • Mirai Nikki Theory... by jefukadasai
    • My essay might be weak for having less proof and this thing that I wrote is like both fiction and non-fiction due to me giving my opinions in a fictional anime and I'm starting to be very formal for some reasons. PS: it's ok t ...
    • im ok right now by sHuT uP sTuPiD cOoKiE -_-
    • this girl got abuse and everyone kept telling her it wasn't her fault... and she thought she was alright and started to believe that she was just fine and she realized she is not fine she is just ok:)
    • stronger, louder, for you <3 by sHuT uP sTuPiD cOoKiE -_-
    • so my parents have been together for a while and they have had some tough times but they made it to their new anniversary and I was thinking since I like writing songs and don't have money.. lol I thought I would write them a s ...
    • Thank You by V_Rose1996
    • This is a little poem I wrote to say thank you to someone who turned out to be someone very special to me. I was lost in a bad place, and I feel he pulled me up and brushed me off.
    • To Those Ready to Leave by The Soviet Union
    • I wrote this after a sad realization: good kill themselves because of bad ones. It really made me angry. It gets better. Even just tomorrow could be the best day ever, but you'd never know if you left tonight. The poem also s ...
    • ~Unknown Secret~ by Kichiara Rose001
    • Nanami...is an unusual girl with a strength that even she doesn't understand. Her life will spiral into utter chaos once it happens...once she finds out about her unknown secret. PART 1 ((Hope you like it :heart:))
    • Not Be Apart by V_Rose1996
    • My boyfriend is also my best friend, so when he leaves, I feel all bummed out. Here is a poem I wrote to express how much I miss him when he is gone.
    • Bradyboo by V_Rose1996
    • This may sound somewhat silly. I wrote it to be cutsie for my boyfriend!! Oh yes!! We are that mushy, annoying couple!!
    • Only Marry Me by she_has_thorns
    • Things did not work out with this guy, but I still had written this poem when things seems like they would turn out.
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