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    • Badminton by Floating Stars
    • I wasn't really sure which category to place this in as I consider this piece a simple vignette, so I settled on non-fiction. Badminton has always been a favourite sport, one I've enjoyed since grade school. It's become a ha ...
    • My Savior by Silence In The Darkness
    • A poem about finding that one person who can get you on the right track, and the feelings that come with losing that person. I wrote this so very long ago, and would love to see what everyone thinks about it ^_^
    • This is My Outlet by Knight Metawraith
    • Not actually any kind of writing that really belongs here, but I didn't want to put it on my profile. It's far too sad and personal. So what better area for it that a public online art arena, right? :D
    • A Little Lost Mermaid by Dreadful_Darling
    • It's going to be broken up into Chapters so chapter 1 is this one and then you might have to go to my page to find chapter 2 Please feel free to leave comments as long as they are nice and helpful, I would love to become better ...
    • Death of Kahlil by LaucianTG
    • Something I wrote in grade school for an intro to one of my stories. ^_^* I know the grammar needs work but I was in 5th grade when I did this so forgive me.
    • Memories of you by SilverAmythyst
    • I used this along with a couple other things I wrote in an irl contest once. I got second place X3. Also, the memories are not of a dead person, if that's what you think.
    • Sovereign of Shadow by BekaTinsley
    • Here's the opening scene for my fantasy novel, Sovereign of Shadow. Let me know if it hooks you in ;) Hope you enjoy it!
    • Revenge by Kida Rain
    • I wrote this a couple of years ago ish, I did what I normally do and base an entire work around one line, which evidently in this was the last :'3
    • Strength by Kida Rain
    • Dedicated to a girl named Kyleen, who was going through a rough time. I wrote her this poem to cheer her up, stay strong Kyleen <3
    • Philosophy on Life by Suicidesoldier#1
    • I'd write some funny or intelligent catch phrase that portrayed the inner sense and being of who I am and deeply reflects my inner philosophy on life, but unfortunately none come to mind.
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