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    • The Key by bure21
    • short little story about what it means to have a key
    • Lord Voldemort by Demqual
    • Basically this is just a parody of Last Resort by Papa Roach. Hope you all like it :)
    • Funky get down in trash town by Lord Baba
    • This song is about being successful and loving the world. its dedicated to all who just want world piece and freedom and want to be happy.. thank you i work really hard on this hope you like it
    • I See My Future Like This by Insanitys-Knight
    • If I could see the future, then I already know what it would be like. Drip, drop... The rain pours down heavily as I place my forehead against the glass of the window. Tears blur my vision as I try to keep my breath at a steady ...
    • Solar Flare, Death of Earth by ArtemiSparks-Jynx
    • This is a dream I head after like a week of insomnia... o.o It's kinda long.. It's about the death of the earth(Julian would be friend of mine) The story is how the earth is getting close to the sun and we have to escape, but i ...
    • Badminton by Floating Stars
    • I wasn't really sure which category to place this in as I consider this piece a simple vignette, so I settled on non-fiction. Badminton has always been a favourite sport, one I've enjoyed since grade school. It's become a ha ...
    • My Savior by Silence In The Darkness
    • A poem about finding that one person who can get you on the right track, and the feelings that come with losing that person. I wrote this so very long ago, and would love to see what everyone thinks about it ^_^
    • This is My Outlet by Knight Metawraith
    • Not actually any kind of writing that really belongs here, but I didn't want to put it on my profile. It's far too sad and personal. So what better area for it that a public online art arena, right? :D
    • A Little Lost Mermaid by Dreadful_Darling
    • It's going to be broken up into Chapters so chapter 1 is this one and then you might have to go to my page to find chapter 2 Please feel free to leave comments as long as they are nice and helpful, I would love to become better ...
    • Death of Kahlil by LaucianTG
    • Something I wrote in grade school for an intro to one of my stories. ^_^* I know the grammar needs work but I was in 5th grade when I did this so forgive me.
    • Memories of you by SilverAmythyst
    • I used this along with a couple other things I wrote in an irl contest once. I got second place X3. Also, the memories are not of a dead person, if that's what you think.
    • Sovereign of Shadow by BekaTinsley
    • Here's the opening scene for my fantasy novel, Sovereign of Shadow. Let me know if it hooks you in ;) Hope you enjoy it!
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