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    • In The End Misery Lives by YG BIG BANG VIP
    • Poem about marriage and how it shattered from the husband hurting the wife emotionally and fate took course into making the wifes life wonderful even though she had nothing and the husbands live miserable even though he had it ...
    • My Love be Well by Marshalleeguy
    • Its about a boy who loved a girl but was very soon forgotten and replaced by someone else. The love he felt for her and how he rationalized the betrayal. This is made up though its not really about anyone its just a story. This ...
    • A Brand New Face by Resting Bitchface
    • I wrote this about seven years ago, when I was going through a particularly angsty breakup. I've not written much poetry since, but I came across it again a few days ago and it took me back to that period of time. I felt like I ...
    • Anxiety by Nemone
    • I have some pretty severe anxiety issues and this is what I feel like most days when I'm not medicated.
    • Tears by SIVP
    • I'm not ashamed of crying, it's a form of letting go
    • This ****** Dragon by Nemone
    • Yeah this is a rage poem. I'm trying to keep my language somewhat clean so I bleeped out the title. It's supposed to be "This Sh*tty Dragon."
    • The Sky's Tyranny by Nemone
    • I wanted to write about the weather and it just kind of ended up this way. Hope you enjoy it.
    • Chained by You by Nemone
    • This may read like a poem about breaking up but it's actually about chocolate. I have a really severe food intolerance to caffeine and lately I've come to believe I wasn't taking it seriously enough. I didn't realize that eve ...
    • Do You Honestly by Ghoul Hugz
    • This is my first slam poem. It's about going through dark times and what it's like to be helped through it.
    • My Song by Nemone
    • This is something I just wrote, hope you guys like it.
    • Party of Me by Nemone
    • I wrote this because I just get sick of people assuming that people who disagree with them on just one issue are from the "other party" and slinging around party names like insults. Half the time it's not even true. I believe ...
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