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    • Windows to the Soul by Dom-Bug
    • A poem I wrote a while back. The prompt was to use the words, "Soap", "Purple", and "Watershed". Please Rate and comment your thoughts! :D thank you!
    • Goodnight 🔮 by TheHippiesAndTheZombies
    • I was a bit conflicted about some minor things in my life and it seemed that the only time all of it began to dwell inside of my head was literally just before I headed for bed. Thus, the inspiration of me not being able to s ...
    • The Knot by darklingtears
    • Earlier this year my Significant Other and I attended my Significant Other's cousin's wedding. After the wedding my Significant Other started getting all lovey dovey and brought up the possibility of marriage. This was inspired ...
    • Darkness by TootsMacgee
    • A modified version of something I wrote 5 years ago. I wrote it when I was going in and out of times of depression. Sorry its not that great.
    • Ode To The Tsundere by DaughteroftheNile
    • My friend bet me 5 bucks I couldn't compose an anime-themed Shakespearean sonnet, complete with iambic pentameter, in under an hour (long story). Well ha! The joke's on her, because I totally did it. I call it, "Ode To The Tsun ...
    • Trapped In The Closet by whatta beautiful disaster
    • Do people even submit poems on here? I just wanted to share and get feedback Also, this poem doesn't have a name - I just couldn't pass on the chance for an Robert Kelly reference
    • What I Know by darklingtears
    • Poem I wrote my sophomore year of high school. Pretty deep now that I look back on it. Now that I'm older I can see that it was a little immature of me to think that people who happen to be a jack of all trades and master of no ...
    • My Lion by MissFai_
    • A piece I wrote in my poetry class back in 2014. Sums up my love life mostly haha.
    • Flight on Broken Wings by J_Wesley_1995
    • A poem I wrote for a friend about a month or two ago, hoping to help her through some problems she was going through. It's meant to be kind of a reminder that though you feel damaged or broken, you can still keep going.
    • Midnight Melody by darklingtears
    • I wrote this my sophomore year of high school. I was dealing with a lot of things at home and had a tendency to push anyone who tried to get close to me away. I pretended to be okay, but deep down I had a lot inner demons I was ...
    • Depressed Doll by darklingtears
    • I deal with chronic depression and some days I have flare ups where everything feels bleak and empty. I write a lot of my poetry to help cope, as well cuddle with my loving cats. This poem was inspired by the tail end of one of ...
    • Every Murderer's Wife. by Electric Wave Box
    • This is just something written for the other side. It's kindve dark sorry. This is about a murderer who kills his wife because he doesn't want her to end up like one of the girls he murders. It's ironic, but at the same time h ...
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