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    • Hurting the daughter by lenatsukimori
    • This will be about my real life situation between me and parents. Life about how I really feel towards their scolds and words.
    • Lost from Losing by NostalgicPanda
    • I don't really know which category this belongs in, but this is something I wrote when my last relationship was starting to fall apart.
    • My Life, Up Till Now by xMsPanda
    • This is a very depressing article. I wrote it, because I plan on making a YouTube video explaining what I went through and to try to help others that are struggling with depression and anxiety. Please comment and feel free to P ...
    • Rise Up by Foxyre
    • To see his face is like the warm embrace of a hug from those dear. To speak with him is Nothing Serious, but, you know he has respect for you and those alike. Nothing to Lose because you know your safe. But Nothing is Perfec ...
    • Loving Living Tides by Foxyre
    • From the plots of novels to the thrill seeking adventurers and entrepreneurs, but for all that's said and done, the person in these genres would most likely find a better half and fall in love, some are temporary while others a ...
    • last breath by Flashy_Cat
    • What it's like to have asthma and no inhailer. you can fight but you never quite come back the same after going threw this little dance with death for so long i get luck some times and go a few weeks without an attack here's ho ...
    • On Evil and Evolution by Felinicus Mow
    • A musing exploration on the relationship between the trope of the Villain in pop-culture and the continuity of Homo Sapiens throughout history and beyond.
    • Anhedoniac's Confession by Morgue Ann Stiff
    • Anhedonia - A mental disorder where the person cannot or can no longer EMOTIONALLY feel pleasure, happiness, and joy. They also have an extreme lack of motivation (Often mistaken for laziness). Often they gain suicidal tendenci ...
    • Kilo's Deadliest Claw by Foxyre
    • Here I asked Kilo Division's first and most hired "hand" from OllinTek's Savant corps, about what it's like being one of the augmented soldiers of a division that's regarded as the only assault force within the corps. And w ...
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