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    • My Thoughts On Absolute Truth by X_Scheherazade_X
    • A commentary, and yes it is the first time I had seen this, to a 2006 video really but the thoughts written here are my or an original perspective based on a series of questions which each one should be unknown or replied towar ...
    • A Siren's Song by Xx_Iris Severity_xX
    • This was my nightly life for nine years... It was a blessing in disguised, though, believe it or not. I got to spend time with my brother, David, all night and day. He loved the demon within me, and she loved him. He kept her c ...
    • My Devil by Xx_Iris Severity_xX
    • This is inspired by the fact that I have inner voices (some good, other's.... not) and there's one that used to get me into trouble and this is something that had actually happened one night. No, the guy didn't die, but he was ...
    • I'm Not Here by Freyabelle5
    • This is a memoir about my jail experience back in 2010. Recently I got it published in a local journal on my school campus.
    • Passing on by Lia_Mia25
    • He was there for me in every way, he praised me when i succeeded and made sure to discipline when I was out of line. Now his gone and I'm not sure what to do.
    • Who I am by Jin the Ice Ninja
    • We live with legends, myths, religion, and names. The problem is, do you want to make a name for yourself, or remain voiceless?
    • Research Paper by AngelicWings24
    • An excerpt from my 15-page research paper entitled "The Nature of Evil and Path to Redemption as Depicted in Alighieri’s Inferno and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus." Why? Just 'cuz. Took some stuff out to make it shorter. :T
    • Mirai Nikki Theory... by jefukadasai
    • My essay might be weak for having less proof and this thing that I wrote is like both fiction and non-fiction due to me giving my opinions in a fictional anime and I'm starting to be very formal for some reasons. PS: it's ok t ...
    • Badminton by Floating Stars
    • I wasn't really sure which category to place this in as I consider this piece a simple vignette, so I settled on non-fiction. Badminton has always been a favourite sport, one I've enjoyed since grade school. It's become a ha ...
    • This is My Outlet by Knight Metawraith
    • Not actually any kind of writing that really belongs here, but I didn't want to put it on my profile. It's far too sad and personal. So what better area for it that a public online art arena, right? :D
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