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    Total Value: 534,408,750 Gold
    [Item Information]

    Item List:
    Fremere\'s Guard 3rd Gen.
    Shadowlegend 9th Gen.
    Shadowlegend 9th Gen.
    Loyal Cardinal
    Kill VO Pants
    Commander Garbolt
    Shinjuku Nobody
    SDPlus #234 Hell Warden
    Her Raiding Majesty

    One of my deleted roleplay characters...I shall make some changes and use him somewhere else (Included one post I shall also delete)

    Username: Purewolf14
    Character name: Kojiro
    Age: 24
    Gender: male
    Element: Fire
    Side: Human Fire Master Mage (Controls Sinnoh)
    Status: single
    Bio: Kojiro's body was trained from his childhood to use magic. He was never good with elements but excelled in the art of necromancy, though he broke rules with experimentations. The power of necromancy rejected his body. This reacted badly and striped him of his necromancy abilities. His body and soul were burnt with what humans call "Hell Fire" which deformed him and created a thick shadow fire cloak to surround his entire body. He is a powerful leader that enjoys the sight of blood, whether his enemies or his own peoples. He feels death is a gift that he has the right to give to whom ever he wishes.
    Character appearance:
    Shadow Cloak

    Missing Cloak

    I do not own either of these pictures

    Kojiro grinded the two bone swords together as he neared his defeated and blood stained opponent. The source of these blades were hidden by a dark flame like cloak that covered Kojiro's entire body. The swords making a loud 'Crack' on impact then a sheathing noise as he slides one on top of the other. His opponent looks up at him in fear. Kojiro stabs the curved bone blades into his back only to be freed out on the other side, Kojiro lifts his up with the blades. The black fire travels down the swords instantaneously ridding the body of all outer flesh in the two fire sources path. The fire slowly continued along this path until all that was left was a bloody corpse. Kojiro licked the blades of his enemies blood. The warm blood seemed to have an amazing taste. He walks triamphantly to his throne. He had forced his people to create him a castle to show they are worthy of the life they had been given. It was now riddled with bodies of his dead foes.
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