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  • Artist Info: Hi this is my profile..now get the fuck out.

    ENGAGED IRL TO DARTH BLASPHEMY, he is the love of my life <3

    My name is Damian, I'm never in the mood to deal with people who piss me off. (that being most of the populous.) And here is a little word from my perspective on life. If you think your cool because your a grammar Nazi, think again asshole. Don't call yourself a Seme if your a Seke (Seme/Uke) Listening to Japanese (or music in any other language that is not your primary) does not put you higher in the music scene (or language scene). I hate 'hipsters'. Don't like me, my posts, or profile? There are easy solutions to that, I'll let you figure it out. I'm not that mean if I like you but I need to rant at times >D. Now commission me I'm a poor bitch..

    About myself:
    *Is a shitty artist
    *Likes commissions
    *SELDOM gets enough sleep
    *RP whore (only pm if your good no suck please)
    *Likes gold (give me, thanks)




    My YGallery Contains yaoi YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO VIEW

    My official commission siteContains yaoi YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO VIEW

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