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  • Artist Info: Hello! I havent had the chance to get online..either that or i just didnt feel like it..
    ~ Off Winter Break, Back in School ~

    Well..I love anime, manga, watching tv, writing, drawing, and eating. o:
    Fav shows At The Moment: Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Regular Show, Teen Titans Go! Bravest Warriors, Kyoukai no Kanata, Supernatural, Steven Universe, The Tomorrow People, MARVEL: Agents of Shield, Ravenswood...

    So well...im a really cool and chill person! I can be random at almost... anytime. I like talking, eating, sleeping, hanging out (eh..not really..), playing video games, writing, and drawing..Oh and texting!

    I believe im pretty awesome, Im geeky calm, Uhmmm....funny, can be a little loner-ish and sad sometimes but oh well. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
    ~Tumblr: xgamingninjax
    If you wanna know more about me, ask!
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