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  • Artist Info: Name is Josh, believe it or not I'm 24 years old already. I didn't grew up here In the USA so I don't speak shit much like em... I'm Half Asian and Half Hispanic.

    I like Random Messages and comments as long as i like what u talk about Imma reply to it........smilies/icon_xp.gif

    I’m a Big fan of Skyrim, Fallout 3, Dragon age all editions, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Monster Hunter all editions. Imma go unstoppable for Western RPGs (my Cup of Tea)

    I feel so young at heart [kinda childish at times] and Like most of the other guys I love to play emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif computer games from PS3 to Xbox, and PSP to PS vita but can't do that all day emotion_smilies/icon_vein.gif cuz of my God damn job. smilies/icon_stressed.gif

    I want my old life back were i get to play all day without worries or any

    Entre lo que existe y lo que no existe, el espacio es el amor.

    On My Own Fabricated Story of Icarus

    He didn't die..... before he is about to drown while falling he made a flipping deal with Alruna the sly in exchange for his pathetic life....the condition is all about him becoming Alruna's thrall...He was so stubborn [that he forgot his dad's warning bout soaring high near the Sun] he's not just a total fool but also a coward shrimp, he feared his own Death..so [to make the story short] his tables were turned so he lives...but he has become Alruna's Boy toy........XD
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