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  • Artist Info: Sup people, I'm Vaginal Soup, owner and co-designer of Illusional Design aka iDesign. You can get yourself some cool profiles designed by me, Broken Illusens and PILOT PIROUETTE. Before asking us any questions, please read the rules and faq posted up on iDesign.

    I'm in my late teens/early twenties, I appreciate good grammar, and you can usually find me in GCD or in the profile subforum. I used to be a GD reg, but that place isn't the GD I used to know and love anymore. </3

    I first joined in late July o4, but made this account as joke for the GD. The username was something like "omgboobies1!1eleven2," and that was fun for a while, but early 2oo5 the gross-sex usernames caught on, and I changed it to Vaginal Soup. By that time this mule had become my main account, and I love it too much to ever go back to a sensible name.
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