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  • Artist Info: Tara - Vasuda



    Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy. ♥

    I'm not on here much, but you can find me on my Tumblr a lot;


    • I like to draw, and i feel like i draw best when i'm in school, (which is what gets me in trouble a lot in my Latin class).

    •I like to make people happy,and make them laugh;

    +I love the anime Bleach;
    -My favorite characters include;

    + I love a large arrange of music, all from pop, to horror punk to 8-bit remixes to industrial metal;

    Kerli ( bubble pop/ bubble goth)

    Rammstein ( industrial metal )

    Utada Hikaru ( pop/ Japanese pop )

    Balzac ( [ Japanese] Horror punk)

    Dir En Grey ( Visual Kei [?])

    The Gazette ( visual kei)

    LM.C ( visual kei)

    Enter Shikari ( ? )

    Emilie Autumn ( Industrial ? )

    (plus many more)

    +I love the webcomic Homestuck;

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