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    Looking at how inaccurate my about was/is was really bothering me, so i might as well update it.

    So, hi, you can call me by my username and any nickname you can come-up with using it, i'm currently 19 (though i don't know how long it will be current).

    I'm into a number of things including, cosplay, make-up and SPFX/ theater make-up, i like certain video games and anime,including Bleach, Kill la Kill, Red Garden and many others. Also drawing, if it wasn't for art and the like, i honestly wouldn't have made it through high school (and school in general honestly).

    I'm probably not going to be on here much anymore, i haven't been active for over a few years now, unfortunately, so if you try and contact me, i can't assure you that i'll replay anytime soon or ever.

    Anyway, have a nice day and thank you for reading this if you did.
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