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    name: Aimee
    personality: Varied
    hobby: Drawing, photoshop, swimming, anime, reading

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    About myself
    Hey, this is Aimee; Like Amy but the french way of spelling it.
    Anyway nothing really special about me.
    I might not be able to get on here much but i get on when i can.
    I don't accept random friend invites so don't try lol.

    Also you can add me on youtube if you like..
    username is candy4748.

    For games i play; Grand chase when i can, Terraria, Mabinogi, Everybodyedits, and others that i can't think of the names of at the moment.

    Hmm and Mys sister on here is Cotton4748, My brother is VentureFox, and my bestest friend is Omega Lord of Lemons. Lol. : D

    Hmm and Watching anime is also my favorite past time.
    All Time Favorites ATM are "Rosario Vampire" "Pandora Hearts" and "Clannad".
    Currently watching ... So many that i can't think of the names atm.

    Favorite Quotes
    "Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you"

    "In all matters of opinoin our adversaries are insane" Wilde

    Nothing New, Well I've just been drawing peoples avatars that's about it..
    Oh you can join my guild if you like, Vocaloid Party : D

    As I've told you if you've been reading this.. It's been a while since i've drawn someones avi. But I love to draw peoples avi nevertheless, this one below was drawn by me of course. Actually this one was a long while back i draw a little differently now, but basically the same. :3
    It's actaully bigger but for my profile i had to make it smaller.

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