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    ~*~ ((No one really reads these)) ~*~

    There are your usual labeled people everywhere, but since I don't believe in labels, I just use adjetives to describe myself. Insane, crazy, fun, mentally challenged, asylum fugitive, loyal friend, bad speller, ect. lol. But overall, misunderstood.

    I like helping other people, I always put them before me, sometimes people say its a flaw, but I just think of it as being benevolent. But, at times it is a great advantage. I'm insane all the time because not only is it who I am, it helps other people smile. I hate to see my friends down, so I usually do all I can to cheer them up, and also to keep out of my usual down state.

    I don't open up completely to my friends, just help them and joke around because its who I am. I'm 18, in college, single, and pansexual. Well, thanks for visiting my page, feel free to comment. Take care and good day.
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