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  • Artist Info: I am OrgasmicPurr
    I've been on here for so long, I've seen so funny moments,
    met some hilarious friends. Fell in love, Had my heart broke.
    Its been a long time now, I was fifteen when I first found Gaia,
    Im now twenty two.
    I can't seem to leave everyone behind and let gaia go.
    So many good memorys. I now have a son, he is two his names
    Gabriel he's huge a big funny hoss of a kid.
    I'm a manager of a Helicopter store in a Mall. I enjoy it and love
    being in the retail buisness.
    I have a boyfriend named Scott he's a card dealer, He's not my type at all
    not tall and tan and handsome. He's so much more than I could of ever asked
    for though. Sweet and funny, he's great with Gabriel we just got our first
    place. Such a sweet heart.
    I miss you all I hope everyones doing well <3
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