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  • Artist Info: Greetings and welcome to my profile, here are somethings you should know:
    - I enjoy philosophical discussions.
    - Aside from that, I can be pretty random about what we discuss.
    - I enjoy poetry, writing, and literature.
    - I am open minded to every genre of music.
    Thank you for your time.

    PSN: Glacieux
    Steam: Necromexon / Chill Jazz
    Skype: Ask
    League: Fatal Blue
    (With an L)


    Roleplay Section

    Agent 32 - Jack Ryan Anderson - Fatal Blue
    Born: June 22, 2031

    Deceased: M.I.A. (Shortly afer re-awakening, October 25, 2323)

    Bio: Jack was an orphan throughout his life until being emancipated at the age of 17, determined to join the U.S.N.S. to have some combat training and a better outlook on life when it provided the opposite. Despite coping with trauma, he applied for a job at the NYPD, successfully gaining the job of a detective under certain perquisites at the age of 21. Due to the recent outbursts of crime and relatively strange activity, New York was quarantined along with several areas across the world. Having also met the requirements of a special organization known as the Vitruvian Mallet, he resigned his detective career to do underground investigations against other anti-humanitarian companies. After several encounters with an opposing faction; Scythe-6 and finally destroying The Siren, their crowning human bio-weapon, Jack was determined to remove Scythe-6 with confidence. However, in the midst of the relief, Jack was abducted by his antagonists and was never seen again.
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