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    I have people that like me for me..... and they will always be there for me.... and I would do the same!!!!!^^ They change my life like I change theres they are my friends but more like my Family.

    Hello Cheyenne is here!
    I take really cool pictures of anything I see, I draw anime or stupid stuff then I'm bord, I skate bord a lot after school when I get home from High school, Love to read anime (Shojo Beat ect.)
    I'm in high school like I said ( which is soo much funner then last yr! But its a little out of hand in are group. ^^)
    I love Llama's, cat's, and dog's ect.
    When I get bord I write my own storys on my computer until my head hurts from thinking to much, I have a few in the Arenas writing: Fiction.
    My friends Marcala, Chelsea R. and W., Sommer, Mikayla, and my cuz Briana are the people that I keep close to my heart and If anything were to happen I would be there when they call thats are what friends are for!!!!
    If you want to talk just pm me!!! ^^ Llama Llama Duck!!!!!

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