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    Hi my names Katy, I live in a mediterrenian climate of Spain, I'm 17, 5'9 in hight, 54-57 kg and my body build is hourglass.

    I am single by choice, I can not stand guys who meet me and say your hot wanna go out?... I am not like that anymore i like friendship more than romance ... i have enough love from my dog, cat and laptop XD ( fyi i dont like short guys, when I see them with tall girls I cant help but lmfao.)

    I do party at clubs till 7 am because.... hello who doesn't like to dance and lose yourself in the music.

    This last year I did some volunteer work, and it made me realise this is something I want to work on more in the future, for now thou I need to focus on getting my license and getting a permanent job. I also play guitar and i have slowly fallen in love with sunburst finishes on them .smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

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