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    Hello... and welcome to my page. Well no you're not actually welcome I am just saying that to sound welcoming! >: D

    My age?
    You shall know if you ask, if you are a friend in my real life, you'd know, otherwise I may or may not tell you.

    Figure it out, you're bright, and smart enough to aren't you..?

    Well I like to have fun here! I love to meet new people, and do crazy things with friends in real life... crazy not meaning mindless acts, I mean awesome things like random stuff. STUFF. >: D

    People who don't know how to have fun! I mean, I am pretty dull, constantly serious, and sometimes boring in real life... but I can have fun and change my attitude...! Geez people, get some rainbows in your sky! >: O

    What am I like? What are my Hobbies?
    As stated before, I am dull, serious, and sometimes boring. But I like to have fun, joke around, and laugh a lot with friends and family. I can be annoying online because well... just look it's GAIA, what do you expect?!! : D
    Well to start, I am an artist. Unfortunately I never see myself as a super BAMF artist yet... I still have a ways to go. I like to write poetry and well I love to do stuff... well that's not a hobby but who cares? : P

    Contacting Me.

    You may contact me by sending me a PM or just commenting.
    You can also ask for my TinierMe, IMVU, OtakuZone account. I may or may not give it to you anyways, but don't be afraid to ask. .----.

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