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  • Artist Info: I light a faint light
    And put my cheek to the cold wall
    I listen hard in the silence
    I quietly, slowly
    Turn back

    There’s no sound of time ticking down
    Just a sullen pendulum swinging
    Footsteps come into the room
    Suddenly, a bell
    Starts to ring

    I move my aching right arm again
    Telling myself to think of you
    I wander in search of a sword

    At midnight, din don din dan
    A shadow knocking
    The voice I longed for tore my heart apart
    In the moonlight, fourteen eyes were bright
    Swaying, swaying, he's abuse selfish

    See, ti ta ta ta
    When the glass hands
    Strike twelve
    The seven shadows of the holy night
    Stretch out their hands to helpless humans

    As tears fall into my hands
    See, warmth comes back
    The time of the prophecy has come

    To the forest, ri ra ra ra
    Knocking on the door
    As a sad voice prays
    Too quietly to be heard
    The scattered wind gently, gently blows through

    Ah, din da da da
    Moving by clockwork
    When a young owl hooted, why did that bell
    That rang through the night, signalling the end
    Bring such a painful feeling?

    La- la- la- la- la-
    I think of you, holding out your hand
    To that person who looks like me
    In these intersecting worlds, ah-

    A tender tune
    And a bright light
    Hidden in my heart
    The person I love smiles before my eyes
    A true marionette fantasia

    La la la- la- la-
    Our world
    An empty Utopia in a dream
    When the hard shell of a walnut cracks
    The world unconsciously begins to move
    La- la- la- la, marionette fantasia
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