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  • Artist Info: hey i'm kykou, I don't like those people who think they're just 'all' , I want friends who have their own poinion and full with fun! ^.^ i love to sit in mah garden when the sun shines, I got really good friends, I got 1 rabbit and 2 cats and a guinea pig, my favourite colour is red and purple, my hobby is to write fantasy stories, I don't like the stories like; 'how do I survive my parents' childstuff...bwa xD I'd rather read something like 'The hannibal omnibus collection' now those are stories!
    I'm a huge fan of samurai warriors, dynasty warriors and warriors orochi. I love to sit behind youtube and stroll to view some stupids vids. for the rest am I pretty insane, and normal xP

    For the rest isn't much I can talk about myself....xD

    Cya along! :3

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