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  • Artist Info: Why hello there!
    I am Sydney~ and you may address me as such.
    I'm no stickler for hiding my name

    :.~♥Art Shop! Cheap and Quick!♥~.:

    ♥I am very annoying
    ♥I love to draw
    ♥I love to make friends
    ♥I love to talk
    ♥I love to say 'love'
    ♥I love basically everything

    ♥Science is, so, awesome

    ♥Glaucus atlanticus
    ♥Maratus volans
    ♥Turdus migratorious
    ♥Hystrix cristata

    Also, if you want, I can draw you some Avi art, all that needs to be done is, I need you to note me on Gaia, I'll arrange the price.
    ranging from 1k-8k
    Or lower if you're a newbie.

    Here's my deviantart if you'd like to see some of my art

    http://fire2kitty.deviantart.com/ (View at your own discretion)


    I also love writing

    ♥I love, YOU, all!


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