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  • Artist Info: What about me? What about you? Who the fuck are you? Oh you want to know more about me? Knock yourself out.

    I'm a male. A damn sexy one at that. A little feminine at times, but a male. I'm dating a wonderful girl. She's amazing, and I love her lots.

    I play girls on games. It's fun. The only bitch is when people ask to be their gf. Then I tell them I'm dating a girl. Then they wanna see pics of us naked. I tell them to look in their pants and imagine that in a chick. I've not even got that far with her don't worry.


    I'm a nice guy. I love electronica, and rock. My all time favorite song is
    Daft Punk-Harder Better Faster Stronger.

    I also love Nirvana's Come as You Are. It's amazing. Who else do I love...AC/DC. Jailbreak and TNT.


    I'm an ex-troller, and ex-/b/tard. I got tired of /b/. It's just the same damn bullshit over and over and over and over. = gets old after awhile. I got sick of trolling's negative attention. Now I'm just a damn proud geek!

    THIS CALLS FOR SOME DAMN ACTION! I'm a g33k. Geeks and nerds ARE NOT THE SAME DAMN THING! Nerds aren't as lazy as geeks, and geeks love their computers...no that is not my significant other. Her name is Mika.

    That's about enough of me.

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    Total Value: 447,732 Gold
    After Exclusions: 416,004 Gold
    [Item Information]

    Item List:
    Western Zodiac
    Royal Musketeer Top
    Kong Sang Scarf
    Inari\'s Beads 6th Gen
    Inari\'s Beads 9th Gen
    Blue Torque Pants

    View all my DA's here: http://www.tektek.org/avatars/assassinblue
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