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  • Artist Info: Hello, world. =.=

    So it's come to my attention that my profile was out of date by a whole year.... xD So here we go again!

    I'm 21 now, graduated from college with a 95 average in October 2012. Yay me! I'm all certified and stuff now o3o Huzzah.
    Uhmm... I'm not really sure what to say xD because... I don't even know who reads this crap anyways.

    I play video games o3o mostly JRPGs such as Final Fantasy, Xenosaga, Legend of Dragoon, Star Ocean, Shadow Hearts, etc... =w= uhmm... but I do play others, like Zelda, Tomb Raider, Klonoa, Mario, etc, too. xD... yup...
    I watch anime, too. Some favourites are Fushigi Yuugi(like the manga more, but it follows very closely~), Full Metal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Soul Eater...
    Favourite book series...es..? that's wrong; meh! Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sword of Truth...
    I like almost every type of music. ._., just not rap, really... or anything... "new" ... ._. I hate what's apparently popular music, it all sucks, in my opinion. xD
    My favourite band is Nightwish, however. :3 I've always loved metal.

    I play piano and electric bass, and sing... o.o;;

    My... favourite... animal is a Snow Leopard... =w=

    I.. vlog.

    Wow this is getting really lame... xDD
    Like, more-so as I go...

    I should never have tried to re-do a profile. xD

    I LIKE RPING 8D ......
    I like fan-based RPs, Original RPs, Next-Gen RPs, whatever~ doesn't even matter! xD
    (Well, I mean, it matters if it's a good RP or not =w= .... I just don't care what it's about if it's good enough xD)

    Alright, I'll stop boring you now xD

    Thanks for reading, I guess?
    ~<3 Aya ♥
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