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    Aspiring Author || Amateur Cryptozoologist || Ace Bitch

    For all intents and purposes, you may refer to me as "the Queen."
    My interests include but are not limited to all things eldritch, inspiring and macabre literary pieces, classical music as a backdrop to violent lyricism, strict beats, and last (but certainly not least), using you as a mop and sequentially wiping the floor with you.
    Any pursuit of familiarity beyond that is doomed to failure if you're not dressed to impress or if you spit any less acidic vitriol than I.

    (Out of Character)
    Parent || Spouse || MSPA Reader

    Hello! My name is Adameve / Ae / Rose-mun. I like to participate in most forms of MSPA fanaticism, like roleplaying, theorizing, writing, drawing, and cosplaying.
    I'm all about design and practicality; my favorite artificial flavoring is orange; I'm always in desperate need of sketchbooks.
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