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    Find me on my new account, Aqua Fortise.

    DAFT-BOT Wrote:

    You're one of the highest rep'd AT'ers that are still prominently active to date....you are the Disneyland Paris of Style in the AT.
    You're what everybody wants to see. ;D

    [In Real Life...]

    My rl name is Cindy. : D
    I'm a 17-year old girl that lives in Socal.
    I [think I] am a very friendly and sweet-natured person. I've been told irl that I'm often "too nice," but that being one of my faults.
    But before you judge me, you might want to get to know me first.

    [On the Interwebs...]
    Call me Winter, Wintzi, Winty, or anything else, really.
    I'm found in the AT and Exchange forums, although occasionally, the GCD and guilds. I've been on Gaia since 2006, but under a different account.
    PM me if you just so happen to feel the undying need to want to get to know me better.

    Oh, and three things that irk me:
    1.) Random friend requests. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
    2.) Beggars. I can't even count how many PMs I've gotten, asking me to donate. So please, for my sanity, don't beg for donations. Do it, and all I'll be giving you is the cold shoulder. smilies/icon_stare.gif
    3.) Copycats. I've had my run with them. My equipped list will always be on, for the sake of people who want to know a certain item I'm wearing, but DO NOT, under any circumstances, copy any of my avatar. I will keeeeeeeeel you. D:
    (jk but seriously, not cool.)

    - - -
    [Arena Wins! ><]

    Week (2010): 35 || 38 || 46 || 51|| 52

    Sorry for the blurriness of that 3rd one there...I'd redo it, but it's lost in the technological abyss. smilies/emo.gif
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