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    Well hello there!

    I am a very complicated girl and if you try to understand me, most likely you won't be able to. I may come off as crazy and wacky, but I'm sweet if you let me be. I have some issues. And I don't really date, I have to be able to know myself before I'm willing to let a guy understand me. But I'm always looking for friends!

    If you are only talking to me in order to get something from me, whether it be a donation or a phone number, you need to leave. Yes, I do donate a lot on Gaia and I've donated over 500k in items and gold, but I can be broke sometimes, too! Its always nice to get a little repayment... ;D

    But anyways, if you would like to give it a shot and try to be my friend, go ahead and PM me. If you want to try to understand me, that's cool, too.

    Pretty much, I'm your average girl, trying to find my place in the world and wondering if one day I really will have my happily ever after...
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