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    I am a female that stands at 5'5"
    with randomly dyed (probably a red or auburn) hair
    large (so i'm told) hazel eyes
    a fair skin tone, with varying complexion
    at a fanciful age of 22.

    My profession at present is at the gift shop of the local zoo.

    as for my interests...

    I Like: Art in general, sitting on the bed, growing Roses, watching Horror flicks, Baking and cooking for fun, Video Games, Books of all kinds, Music, Other lands, playing hide and seek, helping others, Swimming, animals of every believable sort, hanging out with friends, studying the"mystic" arts (yeah, cheesy i know), playing cards, Victorian era British clothing, Bike horns, web-comics, thinking, singing when i'm alone, other countries myths and folklore, getting hugs, cracking wise, making people laugh, giving gifts (RL only folks, sorry), Kitties!, many different colors, water, inventing fan-fic in my head, cherry wine, cute things, feeling pretty, mud, long walks, short runs, the smell of a garage, lying in the sun, self improvement.

    I Dislike: paper-cuts ,When i'm being dumb, breakups (of any sort), hard water buildup, dealing with my own emotions, getting groped, distasteful music, overly emotional people, blackmailers, smilies/dramallama.gif , not having any red meat in the fridge, lack of hangers in my closet, lag, error 404's, adventure time (a lot of drugs made that show, guaranteed.), evangelists, houseflies, driving downtown, being told not to do something, dud fireworks, poachers, getting lost, mixing up instructions, throwing up, and release dates being pushed back.

    there you have it, a quaint little summary bout my preferences. This list should give you a clear view of my interests, and a small glimpse at myself.

    I hope the rest of your day is quite enjoyable.smilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_whee.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif

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