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  • Artist Info: Hello, just call me Toon or T.C. (short for Toon Cosplayer) since I love making cartoon/anime themed cosplays here in gaia with this toon-like gaia avi.
    Don't let the avi fool you; I'm male, 22 years old. I'm Asian specifically from the Philippines.

    I started creating cosplays in gaia way back in 2007. I used mules before since I want to retain the cosplays in those accounts.
    However, I will now be concentrating on making cosplays on my account(s): Toon Cosplayer(For male and female cosplays) and Toon Cosplayer 2(for male cosplays) from now on.

    My Cosplay Archive:

    Week 29: Gru

    Week 28: Anima

    Week 27: Roz

    Week 26: Kuzco

    Week 25: Take-Mikazuchi

    Week 24: Hades

    Week 23: Nod

    (Thank You guys for letting me achieve another 5-week consecutive 1st place achievement!)
    Week 22: Ice Titan

    Week 21: Nessus

    Week 20: Johnnystein

    Week 19: Gaston

    Week 18: Jafar

    Week 17: Odin

    Week 16: Clayton

    Week 15: Guy

    Week 14: Ratcliffe

    (Got 1st Place 5 weeks in-a-row, Thanks guys!!)
    Week 12: Shan Yu

    Week 11: Rafiki

    Week 10: Bunny

    Week 9: Doris

    Week 8: Yzma

    Week 7: Velvet

    Week 6: Ashe

    Week 5: Requiem Banshee

    Week 4: Queen Narissa

    Week 3: Queen Odette

    Week 2: Giselle


    Week 53: Esmeralda

    Week 52: Alisa Bosconovitch

    Week 51: Sergeant Calhoun

    Week 50: Tooth

    Week 42: Sorceress Edea

    Week 41: Dona

    Week 40: Mavis


    Week 46: Sally

    Week 41: Esmeralda

    Week 37: Captain Amelia

    Week 30: Wicked Queen

    Week 24: Bowler Hat Guy

    Week 8: Fran

    Week 4: Rinoa Heartilly

    Week 23: Lulu

    Week 25: Mulan

    Week 44 : Cinderella

    Week 45: Jane Porter

    Old Arena Archive
    week 14: Anya

    Week 23: Kyle Broflovski

    Week 31: Capt Amelia

    Week 37: Anastasia

    Week 44: Morrigan

    Week 49: Pocahontas

    Week 8: Esmeralda

    Week 10: Mulan

    Week 16: Wile E. Coyote

    Week 18: The Mask!

    Week 28: Tidus
    lost link

    Week 33: Captain Amelia

    Statistics: (53)
    1st Place (23): Wile E. Coyote, Mulan, Sally, Edea, Tooth, Sgt. Calhoun, Esmeralda, Queen Odette, Yzma, Doris, Bunny, Rafiki, Shan Yu, Ratcliffe, Clayton, Jafar, Gaston, Johnnystein, Nessus, Ice Titan, Hades, Kuzco, Gru
    2nd Place(5): Pocahontas, Mulan, Wicked Queen, Captain Amelia, Velvet
    3rd Place(5): Anya, Rinoa, Alisa, Queen Narissa, Guy
    4th Place(2): Jane Porter, Dona
    5th Place(3): Captain Amelia, Tidus, Mavis
    6th Place(3): Fran, Bowler Hat Guy, Giselle
    7th Place(5): Kyle Broflovski, Cinderella, Requiem Banshee, Nod, Take-Mikazuchi
    8th Place(4): Morrigan, Anastasia, Ashe, Odin
    9th Place(3): Esmeralda, Lulu, Anima
    10th Place(4): The Mask, Captain Amelia, Esmeralda, Roz

    Longest 1st Place Streak: 5 weeks in-a-row
    Most Top 10 spot: 1st Place
    Most Votes in a single entry: 3144 votes in Captain Amelia Cosplay
    Highest Score Attained (out of 10): 9.467 in Mulan Cosplay from 2485 votes.
    Highest Score Attained (out of 5): 4.79 in Shan Yu Cosplay

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