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    My user number is palindromic. Does that make me awesome?

    I'm not around here much these days, so if you comment or PM me and I don't respond then I'm probably back on hiatus!

    Zeroethic got me fairy wings for my birthday '06! (: (and other stuff for notmybirthday. xD) And a Nitemare headband for my birthday '07. (:

    Necessary Fallen/Yuri got me Bao as a get well present! (: AND he donated a bunch of other items including the Pirate stuff! (:

    Jonas Albrecht donated the Phantom Death Masque! (:

    Scudley gave me a Death Whisper and a dragon. (:

    I found this profile theme at tektek.org.

    The multimedia is:

    my custom mp3 player from mp3profiles.com


    ^From Valfader.^ Ty!

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