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    Hello, and welcome to my profile!

    Name: Lee
    Sex: Female
    Age: April 24th 1991
    Languages: French, English
    Country: Canada
    League of Legends IGN: Quadraowl
    Battlenet: elexas#1100


    I've recently found myself intrigued with Cosplay Arenas. I've participated a few times in the past and placed only twice (once on an alt account), and I've been cosplaying in general for a while. I really love seeing the different ones in arenas! I haven't figured out what makes an entry a winner nowadays, but I'm learning as I go. Any advice it welcome! Hopefully I can get better.

    League of Legends:

    Nanatsu No Taizai/ Seven Deadly Sins:

    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt:
    Stocking Anarchy

    Resident Evil:
    Claire Redfield

    Kitty Pryde

    Tales Series:
    Cheria Barnes

    Final Fantasy:
    Serah Farron

    Dangan Ronpa:
    Sonia Nevermind
    Akane Owari
    Kyoko Kirigiri
    Miaya Gekkogahara
    Komaru Naegi
    Junko Enoshima


    I'm a lazy and chill girl who's full of sass. And I mean just composed of the stuff. Sometimes I get worked up and get into rants, but most of the time I'm trying to find a way to keep a conversation going. Because I suck at conversing. Small talk really isn't my thing, but I don't want to get into deep conversations with strangers either? It's a rough time trying to be social, we'll just leave it at that.

    I like to play trash games like League of Legends Overwatch with my friends. If you happen to play it too, send me a pm and we'll swap usernames.

    Like seriously just send me a pm out of the blue. I will adore it. Especially if your elo is amazing and you can carry me.

    When I'm not being a loser and playing that, I like to play MMOs or various other games. We won't get into the kinds I like 'cause I don't wanna fill this entire section up with that. Let's just say Resident Evil and Tales games tickle my fancy.

    I'm an artist. I try to improve as best I can in it, namely in colouring. I don't often have time between school and life, but I hope to use Gaia and my friends requesting things as practice. If you order from me, I appreciate it. =)

    Sometimes I draw freebies and send them to people.

    I like to roleplay, but I don't like to do massive paragraphs. I understand the appeal...I used to reply with entire novels. I just learned that one liners or short posts actually make the flow of a roleplay feel more natural. You don't have those awkward three different conversations happening simultaneously and they're easy enough to dish out that people don't take entire weeks to respond.

    That's about it. Feel free to talk to me. I don't do much here other than quest items.
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