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    ⊰Basic Character Information:

    [»]True Name: Kasa Auriferous
    [»]Titles: Elder Dragon
    [»]Nicknames: Kas, Draken
    [»]Affiliation: N/A
    [»]Occupation: Medic


    [»]Appeared Age: 22
    [»]Actual Age: 1502
    [»]Date of Birth: December 29th
    [»]Gender: Female
    [»]Sexuality: Straight
    [»]Zodiac: Capricorn
    [»]Place of Birth: A cave high in the mountains
    [»]Race: Dragon
    [»]Heritage: a legacy of philosophical thought
    [»]Height: 5'4" / 132' 4"
    [»]Weight: 120 lbs. / 10 tons
    [»]Build: Small / Very Large
    [»]Skin Color: White / Black and White
    [»]Blood Type: O+
    [»]Natural Eye Color: Gold
    [»]Natural Hair Color: Silver and Blonde
    [»]Current Hair Color: Silver
    [»]Hair Length: Mid-Rib
    [»]Hair Style: Curled
    [»]Defining Facial Features: Reptilian pupils, Few Scales, Deep eyes
    [»]Dominant Hand: Right
    [»]Speech Patterns: Inconsistent


    [»]Marital Status: Taken
    [»]Birth Father: Unknown
    [»]Birth Mother: Ancient Dragon Lokiss
    [»]Siblings: Kara and Lunette
    [»]Children: None
    [»]Family Finances: None Needed
    [»]Best Friend: She doesn't play favorites


    [→]Major Personality Traits:
    [»] Generous
    [»] Caring
    [»] Needy
    [»] Funny
    [»] Intellectual

    [→] Likes:
    [»] Chocolate
    [»] Gentlemen
    [»] Shadows
    [»] Playing
    [»] Pretty Colors :3

    [→] Dislikes:
    [»] Rudeness
    [»] Salads
    [»] Pink

    [»]Bad Habits: Destructively Playful
    [»]Good Habits: Manners
    [»]Best Memory: First Flight
    [»]Worst Memory: All of her Childhood
    [»]Proud Of: Her own accomplishments
    [»]Temperament: Easy-going, playful, some hyper-activity

    [→] Friendships [Allies]: None

    [→] Rivalries [Enemies]: None

    [→] Quotes:
    [»] "Just let me bite you, and you will feel the knowledge of kings."
    [»] "Simplicity can make you the happiest."
    [»] "The sun comes up every day to say hello to everyone, not just you."

    [→]Brief Biography:
    [»] Kasa is a dark dragon. Though she commands the elements of fire and ice, she can also use a select few other abilities. She can heal minor to moderate wounds. She can control the light/darkness in the area for her own advantage.

    Dark dragons are known for their aggressive behavior. Arrogant, and proud, these dragons love nothing more than some shit talking and hunting. Females such as herself, are very vixen-like. These dragons enjoy their families, but keep friends to a minimum. Most darks will sleep during the days, making them nocturnal. Few are daywalkers.

    When she was young, she lashed out after losing her parents, and killed many. As she grew, she realized the error of her ways, but moves on from her wicked past. She's always up to something and would never back from a fight. Her pride gets the better of her. She hardly ever goes out of her way for others, but does enjoy helping from time to time. Her golden eyes are alluring to males, as part of her species "special" ability. Though she has the ability to control it, yet, has never used it before. She loves to wrestle her own kind, and others, as part of her bonding ways. She is a smartass and loves to act like a child.

    Darks love treasure. Keeping a massive collection of goodies hidden in an unknown cave. Their hiding places are fantastic. Though normally she refuses to steal, rare occasions arise that causes her to do so. Being immune to all poisons, she never has to worry about sickness.

    Her hobbies include; Looking, Flying, Hunting, being with her family, Swimming, Adventuring, Eating, Drinking, Flirting, Mood Swings (Yes, it's a hobby)

    ⊰Offensive/Defensive Traits:

    [→]Passive Abilities:

    [»] Enchanted Scales

    [»]Active/Offensive Abilities

    [»] Paralyze Eyes / Breath and slight Shadow control


    [»] Claws

    [»] Fangs

    [»] Fists


    [»] Neckband (This item gives her the ability to become "human" at will."

    [→]Character Theme

    [»] Drake


    She flew over the tree tops, the gentle pace of her wings softly touching the leaves and pines. The river roared below her, as she dropped to the earth. Landing herself in human form, at the foot of this holy mountain, she looked up to see the cloud cover that blocked it's gaze. She was needed there.
    Her feet and wings worked together to sprint up the side of the rocky cliffs, as she silently crept into the monsters territory. As the smell of the beast entered her nostrils, she froze behind a rock large enough to hide her. She could hear him breathing, the hiss through his teeth was unmistakable. The massive being crunched through boulders her size as he paced in his new home.
    Kasa's eyes shifted as she regained her drake form. Now his size, she lept quickly at him, grasping the other dragons throat and pulling him to the ground. The male roared with anger and surprise as his face smashed against the giant rocks. She dragged his body to the edge of the mountain top, holding him so his eyes could look down.
    "You should not have disgraced my mothers territory boy." Kasa growled into his ear.
    She the shook her head violently before tossing him aside to watch his scared flightless retreat. She turned to the cave that was now cleared of the clouds.Her mother laid there, asleep. Laughing softly to herself Kasa laid next to her parent, eyes open and watching for the next predator that wants to get a piece of this ancient and elder dragon.
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