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    B E H I N D T H E A V A T A R


    Age: Young, but probably older than you.
    Laterality: Ambedextrious, but I write better with my left and draw better with my right
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Currently in: LA area, CA
    Hair Colour: Ever changing
    Eye Colour: Green
    Height: 5'3 {(I'm a little thing)}
    Status: Hella married

    Y O U.C A N.F I N D.M E.I F.Y O U ' D.L I K E
    I was born to live in the city.
    I speak french.
    I'm vegetarian, but I don't care if you eat meat in front of me. It's my choice, not yours.
    I use the "XD" face A L O T .
    Never tried drugs. Not interested.
    I like to go out, but I also like to stay inside.
    I own a highly detailed Boba Fett helmet.
    I plan on getting a whole Star Wars sleeve.

    I gave everything up for love.

    Oh. And this is my favorite emoticon emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png with this one following shortly after emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png
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