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  • Artist Info: I'am a collector of things gothic. I love many things and people that are goth. I like collecting rare pictures of goths from movies, games, and other random things.

    There have been many cartoons with their version of what goths look like or are suppose to be and most of the time I really enjoy those and add them to my collection on my computer. I've recreated many goth cartoons into Gaia avatars. I do love making avatars on here as well. I also like to see a random goth in a movie and save a screen shot of them and make avatars of them as well.

    I also love to hear most peoples opinions on what they think goth is and isn't. I have of course my own thoughts on it and all that is shared in my Goth Collection guild. This is just an account to where I can share my collection with whoever stumbles across my page.

    If you are goth then send me a random request if you like and you can be added to a partial collection here via my friends list, you don't have to talk to me if you don't want just feel free to add yourself to my collection. Some of you may find this all creepy, pointless, or stupid. I don't actually care. We are all going to do what we want regardless of what anyone says anyways.

    Feel free to comment me as well, negative and positive ramblings are always welcome and fancied. smilies/icon_lol.gif
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