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    Hiya, welcome to my little slice of Gaia haha<br />
    To introduce myself, my name is Katie also know as Katis or vibes on here<br />
    I am currently in my early 20's and in college studying Gerontology with a side of Sociology<br />
    My future occupations are either a therapist or a social worker..either one works for me lol<br />
    When I am not taking on college, I am usually on here, drawing, on youtube, enjoying anime or hanging out with friends<br />
    I am a pretty chill person and easy going with everything in my life, the last thing I want to be is stressed over the tiniest things so I just let life come at me and handle it in whatever way lol<br />
    I guess thats it lol I dont know what else to tell yeah so if you want to know more just pm me and hopefully we will become friends! :3
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