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  • Artist Info: smilies/icon_ninja.gif Lord Hebikage, I am Hebikage Kamuii Gunshin Matoh, you can call me Matoh, or Hebimaru. (these are my adoptive names),

    HEBI WA GAICHU NO SEKAI O TORINOZOKU!!!!!! smilies/icon_ninja.gif

    ^when you can translate that, you'll understand me a bit more

    the reality:
    im a rather simple person, but honestly a little to complex for my own liking @ times, lol. figure that one out

    I've studied the ways of ninpo and bushido for over half of my life. I am a card carrying member of the Bujinkan, (Divine Warrior Hall) organization under the leadership of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi-Soke. Within the hall we are instructed in the ways of 6 ryu of Bujutsu, and 3 ryu of Ninjutsu... I am a Husband, a Father, and a Warrior. And an electrician, a cashier, a stock boy, a all-round peon and whatever else i must be to survive... i love Japanese culture, you might call me a weeaboo, but honestly, i dont think the term actually would apply if you were to know me, i like some anime, but dont consider myself otaku. i dont call everybody chan, kun or san (thou there are a few exceptions when it comes to the martial arts and ppl ive known
    i enjoy customizing GIJoe figures, thou i havent made a business of it yet and the SteamPunk genre among other things.

    i study Ninjutsu, thou, that, im sure simply conjures images of Naruto in ppls minds, so sometimes its easier to just say bujutsu/budo

    i just turned 35 in November of 2012, not the oldest Gaian, but far from the youngest lol. This is my lil world of escapism i suppose.... and...

    always remember there are sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.... and thou the sheepdog may resemble the wolf, they are not the same

    (Reality Spoiler:)

    {i am all for RP'ing, but its not all im about, and my skills in the warrior arts are QUITE real}

    i am happy to answer questions, to the best of my knowledge, but know that most of what people think of today when the subject of Bushi, Samurai, Ninja, and Shinobi arises is Hollywood or manga/anime FANTASY... dont get me wrong i like Naruto, etc, but it is just fantasy... i like alot of anime, usually either samurai/ninja historical/fantasy or SteamPunk, yes i like FMA, but im interested in outside influences to SteamPunk as well, Naruto in its slight use of technology has become like a Ninja-Steampunk thing imho

    btw the kanji to the right can mean :

    Persevering Courage, Heaven's Love-??---------------->smilies/icon_heart.gif



    So, thats all i can think of, and anything else you'd wanna know you can simply ask...
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