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  • Artist Info: Hello there !
    Whoever you might be , welcome to my profile !
    Let me try and make a proper though incomplete resume of myself :

    I am 20 and Graduate student in Music Performance . Rest assured though,my training as a classical musician doesn't make me hermetic to other kind of musics though !So if you want to share any musical treasure of yours , I will be keenly interested ! In parallel , I also study ethnomusicology .

    I hover and wander around Europe . At any given moment ,you could find me in France , Italy,Switzerland or England .I have also been to Austria , the USA , Spain, Germany, Slovenia and Russia.

    I enjoy literature, a good art exhibition, cheese , alternative fashions, BJD and Azones dolls, hiking, gardening, food scavenging in the forest,Netflix,LARPs and RPGs,theatre,the smell of fresh bell pepper and I wish I had a pet platypus .

    A strong gender identity is not an important part of myself so you can call me he/she/they , since all are correct for me.

    Here in Gaia , I am a WGer and an ATer . Which is pretty contradictory : I love my OCs and want to keep them as long as I can but the ATer in me always makes me want to create new avatars all the time . I also like to hang out in the GCD .

    Hope you , reader, are having a fantastic day and don't hesitate to ask me questions !

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