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  • Artist Info: Hello there !
    Whoever you might be , welcome to my profile !
    Let me try and make a proper though incomplete resume of myself :

    I am in my first in college , a Music Major in piano.I hope to become a performer .
    For the moment , I focus on extending my repertoire and preparing for international competitions . Besides solo repertoire , I am quite fond of piano duet repertoire , and have a soft spot for adaptations of orchestral masterpieces : such as The Rite Of Spring by Stravinsky,La Mer by Debussy or Brahms ' Hungarian Dances.
    But you can talk to me about any kind of music ; I am very open and eager to listen to as many different styles and artists as I can ! If you like Fitz and The Tantrums , bonus point for you .
    I have been living in France ever since 3d grade . My dad is french/american and my mom is french .
    Other things I love are dinosaurs , lolita and decora fashions , cyberpunk , rping,Renaissance ( especially the Quattrocento ) , fencing ,bears , astronomy ,Magical Girls...
    I don 't consider gender important to define myself so you can call me he/she/they , since all are correct for me.
    Here in Gaia , I am a WGer and an ATer . Which is pretty contradictory : I love my OCs and want to keep them as long as I can but the ATer in me always makes me want to create new avatars . I also like to hang out in the GCD .

    So here you have it . Pretty basic info about me . If you want to know more , ask me !

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