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    Hello there, i'm snowy.

    I'll probably be one of the strangest people you'll ever meet. As well as one of the few not-so-noobish 14 year olds you'll meet on here.

    Ask me about any anime and i'd probably know a little bit about it even if I never watched it. My favorite so far are:

    -One Piece (all the way man.)
    -Naruto (No not Shippuden. Don't ask. Just Naruto.)
    -Soul Eater

    And many more but just not as much as what I remember from recently.

    My sister / bestfriend is Legit.
    My dad is Nico.

    I am currently:

    [ ]taken.
    [ ]single.
    [ x ] I want a burger. May be some fries too.

    Lalala, I'll just stop explaining myself now. Don't hesitate to ask me a question or two !

    Later !


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