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  • Artist Info: Emily likes buffy,
    but it gets really eerie,
    Swati gets straight A's,
    she'll be very successful one day,
    2 of my friends,
    but they're not born on May.

    Kayla is a sunny-side up,
    but is always beat up,
    Erica likes Naruto,
    she'll still be mad tomorrow,
    now 4 of my friends,
    but for Kayla, I only feel sorrow.

    Xiaojing waits for the morning after,
    to finish her homework the day after,
    I love to draw, but it can get real annoying,
    but maybe I love animals just more than anything,
    that's 6 of my friends,
    this was my poem of my closest friends =)

    confused with my poem (that i just made up while typin it out...it was fun ^^)?? ill explain everythin down below =):

    emily rly likes this one show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer but everyone else hates it....so it gets rly annoyin when she talks about it -.-

    swati is one of the smartest friends i have, and she always gets straight A's, and i just KNOW that shes gonna b a very successful person one day =)

    aaaand...neither of them r born on may

    kayla is a sunny-side up because she is always so positive, bright and fun =) but she always annoys emily, so emily always gets mad and beats her up (not literally)

    erica rly likes the anime naruto...but i RLY dont like it -.- hard to believe, i know...and i wrote that "erica will still b mad tomorrow" because emily was being mean to erica so erica will still b mad at emily tomorrow =)

    and i mostly feel sry for kayla.....(lol)

    xiaojing usually doesnt do her homework and either does it at lunch or in the library durin lunch...so she waits till the last minute (bad habit)

    and i just LOVE to draw anime XD!!!...but i can get annoyed with myself for my obsession for anime.....lol but i just might love animals even more ^^

    one more thing about my friends:
    erica, swati, and xiaojing are the smart ones in our group of friends (always honor roll....over-achievers -.-)
    emily, kayla, and i r the annoyin (not as smart....) ones in our group of friends
    sooo yea 3 on 3 fair game =) lol ^^ thnx for readin XD!!

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