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  • Artist Info: So you made it at last, welcome to my Profile, take a look around feel free to leave a comment or a friend's request.

    Hmmm so you want to know a little about me....Well lets see. I am a writer, I prefer Poetry over Stories but that doesn't mean I will not write a story, just Poetry comes naturally. And no for those asking, its not that romance or love based poetry. I enjoy writing the dark side of Poetry, the kind that leaves questions and may just turn you're stomach, but the very least I hope my works make you think and question about everything around you. I see myself as an old Soul, not quite fitting into this world, and yet here I am trying to make sense of it all. However, that aside, I am willing to share my Poetry with those who ask nicely, if anyone asks, otherwise once again thank you for viewing my profile. I hope to get my profile nominated down the road once I have had time to work on it.

    Lots Of Love

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