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  • Artist Info: Things you should know about me:

    don't touch me, wake me up, annoy me, ignore me, talk behind my back both figuratively and/or literally

    don't step on me when I'm sleeping, bite me, try to fight me, act like you're better than me, laugh at me, trick me, lie to me, trip me, threaten me, touch my stuff, steal my food, attack me, push me, argue with me about something I hate

    don't make fun of me, call me names, curse at me, talk badly about my friends or family

    don't act like a drama queen (smilies/dramallama.gif), have fun with out me, criticize me, tease me, exclude me from a conversation of a video game such as Super Mario bros or pokemon which is one of the most important

    don't under any circumstance take away my chocolate, any of my electronics, my food, my free time, my vacations/weekends, my toys, any of my stuff, or my artwork smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif

    If you do any of that this is you:


    off the topic- smilies/icon_heart.gif anime
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