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    Integra is not an icy bitch, she's a f-ing Goddess of War.

    Awesome People
    Aria de Mezzo
    Drake Heros (theme creator)
    Elindarhya (the awesome profile you see, she made)
    Gorenza (welcomed me into The Hellsing Organization guild)
    Invictus_88 (a lovely chap)
    Nikki` (Queen of gold counting)
    prodigychild412 (how do I say my 'my Germans Hellsing fan friend' in German?)
    Suni Moon (one of the most awesome members of any guild, the video on The Hellsing Organization's profile? She made it.)
    Tichondrus (called me a Knight *blush*bow*)
    Grandpa Gomi ~ Generous trader for his Checkmate item
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