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    Hey everyone, I'm Yups, or if you prefer to use it in full, Yupsilon. I'm just another Gaian that likes to do this or that, and lurk here and there. I'm also a third year university student enjoying life as much as I can. A few things I can share with you are that I like to go hiking, do a bit of gardening, and a few other things that keep me sane through life. I also like to game here and there, and only recently decided to dig through my collection of them and complete as many of those games as possible. I'm also happily married and have been for a little while, and hope to one day move across the seas to a different country, though that has yet to be decided, so for now we're going to live in our current comfy home. So that's all there is to say about me really, and I hope all of you who come by for a small read have a nice day, or night.

    The only thing I'll ask of any of you is to get to know me a bit instead of just adding me out of nowhere. I don't appreciate getting this invite without even a bit of conversation beforehand. And this info above doesn't really count as knowing me considering it's just a summary. So come one, come all and talk to me a little huh? And don't worry, I don't bite, much.

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