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  • Artist Info: What you need to know before you leave this profile:
    I like rice

    I like pandas

    I am asian

    I LOVE manga

    Ninjas are my friends

    LOL is my right hand

    I LOVE to draw/doodle/sketch

    I like to browse the internet

    My favorite holiday is my Birthday! =D

    My favorite number is 12

    I like to eat glazed donuts

    My last words when i die are: The 5 million dollars are in the...

    Questions i want to know:

    If they pay you to do surveys, why don't they pay you to go to school?

    Can you really die of boredom?

    If you slapped someone hard enough, can they die?

    If you swallowed a bomb, can it go off in you?

    Would you rather have no TV for the rest of your life for a million dollars?

    Would you rather eat a barrel full of apple stems or half a barrel of hair?
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