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  • Artist Info: Hello, Gaians, and welcome, to the profile of Lorem Corpus. If you're here to stalk and/or learn more about Lorem Corpus, you've come to the right place. If you're here to watch Harry Potter - the Deathly Hallows Part Two, it's the next theater on your right.

    тσ вє вяιєƒ, ι єηנσу...

    Words. I'm a die hard logophile and lexophile - meaning I like learning new words and knowing big words. To quote a great man, "Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it."
    Piano Playing/Listening.
    Movies - I'm a huge cinema nerd.
    Theatre - yes, I'm a drama dork as well. Don't judge.
    Vibrating my vocal chords in melodic patterns (Singing).
    Japanese Culture (I am a proud Italian, but Japanese History/Culture/FOOD fascinate me more than my own.)
    Being facetious/sarcastic.
    FOOD. Any and all. Especially sushi.
    Harry Potter.

    тσ вє вяιєƒ, ι ∂єѕριѕє...

    Illiterate Roleplayers. Semi-lit is okay, but nonsense like "Joe said lol wth r u saying u dork and he patted her on te head and lol-ed" makes me want to bash my keyboard against the ground.
    People who use terms like "culture vampire".
    Bad movies. I love the good ones, of course, but oh my LORD, the bad ones. Unless it's purposely bad, or just a fun bad movie that's nice to watch when I feel like killing brain cells.
    Dubstep. The only music genre I can't stand.
    Twilight and it's associate Twihards.
    The uber-serious who can't handle my sarcasm.

    roleplays currently engaged in...

    In Order of Literacy

    Steel Love - adv. lit
    THE GRAY ZONE - adv. lit
    M A L I C E in W O N D E R L A N D - adv. lit
    Hallowtween - elite lit

    Wow, okay, it seems I'm currently in only adv. lit/elite lit roleplays. Where did that come from. O _ O
    Well, I'm always looking for something new, PM me any information you have on interesting roleplays you see if you've got 'em.

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