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  • Artist Info: Name: Don't wanna give my real name to everyone, so those who don't know my real name can call me Sel or Seli.
    Age: 21
    Orientation: Straight
    Heat Tolerance?: Low
    Dislike Location's Climate?: Yup
    Ethnicity: White (Can't get much whiter than Irish, English, and Scottish; I don't tan, I just burn)
    Status: Single. (Players, don't even bother charging headlong at me with your lips puckered. You will get clotheslined.)
    Languages: English only. (I'm from a state where more than half the population speaks Spanish, I can barely remember things I learned in Spanish classes off the top of my head, but I can pronounce Spanish words... and direct you to the milk and chicken in a Spanish grocery store...)
    Favorite American Band/Singer: Black Veil Brides
    Favorite Foreign Band/Singer: Gackt
    Bands/Singers I Hate Most: All dirty rappers, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, and Justin Bieber.

    >Jeans and t-shirt type who pretty much fades into the background
    >Good-natured and easygoing (unless pissed off, then cue the dragon and release the kraken!)
    >Helpful (where possible)
    >Weak arguments and fallacies are a pet peeve
    >Supports equal rights (Yes, this includes the LGBTQ community. Kindly replace any giant sticks or heads stuck in buttholes with bigoted ideals that shouldn't be spoken to me; or if your mind happens to be too dull to understand that: Bigots can shove it.)

    If your avi isn't anywhere on my profile outside my friends list, don't bother asking to borrow items.

    Oh, and I love Fairy Tail. Just so you know.

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