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  • Artist Info: Hey-y, Kiddo; Handsome Jack here!

    Yeah, I'm cosplaying as Handsome Jack. My other alt, as seen by my picture, is cosplaying Axton. I fav them (and Gaige, but still o3o)

    I'm currently obsessed with Borderlands 2, and don't think I'll give it up for a while C:


    About the Character (Spoilers):

    Handsome Jack, formerly known as John, was a computer programmer for Hyperion. He learnt that Pandora had some sort of Vault that contained endless riches, and had the original 4 Vault Hunters (Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, and Roland) open it for him. After his hunch came true, with the unending supply of Eridium, the now masked Jack took over Hyperion, declared himself dictator of Pandora and became an overnight trillionare from Eridium.

    Start of the second game, Handsome Jack seeks out 4 new Vault Hunters to help him with his plan (Blowing up Sanctuary, I guess) and uses Angel, his daughter, to guide the new Vault Hunters (Axton, Salvador, Zero, and Maya) along the path to finding the new Vault. In this game, Jack makes more of an appearance, basically being a giant dick by ECHOing the Vault Hunters every 10 minutes about things like pretzels and his diamond pony, Butt Stallion. As the Vault Hunters continue on their quest, Jack reveals his big secret (that he had been taunting them with all game): Angel is actually working for him, and everything the Vault Hunters did until now was all part of his plan.

    This is where his plan goes awry. Angel, tired of manipulating, decided to help the Vault Hunters (for real, this time) to defeat Jack. During the end game, the Vault Hunters learn that Angel has the Vault Key, and is charging it. They go to her chambers, kill Angel at her request and are tormented by Jack yelling at them to stop 'killing his baby'. To which Angels last words: "You are an asshole" (Not her real words, but pretty close).

    Then Roland is killed by Jack, he captures Lilith to replace Angel, and the Vault Hunters (plus Brick and Mordecai) must go rescue Lilith. They get there a little too late, the Vault Key is charged and Jack summons The Warrior.

    End of story: The Vault Hunters kill Jack and The Warrior, the end.

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