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  • Artist Info: okey, my name is Shane Mckay, ima animater (wolves, cats, foxs, rabbits, birds, and anime) i sing/wright songs, ima poet, huge animal lover smilies/icon_heart.gif i love having friends smilies/icon_heart.gif if someone doesnt talk to me, i get really sad for so long, i am bisexual and proud so fuck off, my boyfriend is austin wilt, a.k.a the no more hero456 (so people stop asking me out -.-")
    lul, and yeh... my youtube channels are ShaneXAustin, Daisyboy2Smokey, and emolovetrance, and i put them in order of how much i use them, if u wanna add me, pm me, cuz idk how to un-disable the friend requests so yeh smilies/icon_whee.gif
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