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    ✖ L є n к a К a g a м ї n є
    Profile Update at April 10, 2014

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    ★ Cute ★ Shy ★ Friendly ★ Mature

    ❝ OMG if your are looking for Rinto Kagamine ! He's is right here ~ Hello I'm Lenka Kagamine, the gender bender of Len Kagamine! I am a very shy person, but please leave down a message! Please don't mistake me as Rin Kagamine! My user is Kagamlne Lenka for a reason! My voice is higher than Len Kagamine. Ah, let's see, I'm 14-16 years old and my character item is a banana. Banana is love. Banana is lyfe. Also Don't steal my cosplay or profile! I worked hard on making my Lenka and it really sucks if I have to make mine all over again! Same goes for profile, just because it's amazing, doesn't mean you have the rights to copy it! Coding is very hard !

    - - -

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