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    ✖ L є n к a К a g a м ї n є
    Profile Update at April 10, 2014

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    ★ Cute ★ Shy ★ Friendly ★ Mature

    ❝ OMG if your are looking for Rinto Kagamine ! He's is right here ~ Hello there i'm Lenka Kagamine ~ Well i'm the shy one if u know ;//A//; ~ I might cry all the time it doesn't mean i'm a crybaby ..... You can't t-touch me because Rinto says so.... ; A ; - H-hey don't take it the wrong way- ;//A//; ~ I love to meet new people anyway!! I'm the kind one! S-so don't be afraid to leave a comment <3
    Y-yes i do love my nii-kun ;///; s-so gtfo..... Please don't touch me or anything because rinto will kill you if u touch me ;//n//; . Also! I am the real Len Kagamine genderbend~ If you are mistaking me as someone else I'll table flip! Rui Kagene is a higher pitch of Rin ok? > A > ! Before you leave leave me a message or a comment c: We are way more sexier Len and Rin Kagamine genderbend if you guys don't know c: ❞ Also Don't steal my cosplay or profile! Also my Rinto B[! I'm Rinto's Lenka and He's Mine. Don't steal my Len and Rin please 8I get your own !
    >>>>> Age: 14 <<<<<<
    >>>>> Height:..... 5'2-5'3 <<<<<<
    >> Character item{s}: A banana and my roda rolla <<
    Voice Sample: { {x} } { {x} } { {x} } { {x} }




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